Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Video Premiere: James “Biscuit” Rouse - In Between Times

Drummer, Songwriter, Producer & Vocalist, James “Biscuit” Rouse who has worked alongside some of R&B’s Greats such as Lauryn Hill, Bilal, Kindred the Family Soul, Chic and Vernon Reid, has unveiled the visual for his new single, “In Between Times” and is excited to have the opportunity to premiere the video:

On the song, Rouse says:
"In Between Times" to me is about those weird spaces in relationships where things fall into a ruff patch or a state of confusion. You’re committed yet the other person in limbo. "

“In Between Times” was released through NIA Distribution and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all digital outlets.

Video Premiere: Sidibe - What Should One Do is excited to premiere the new video from Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Sidibe’s latest single, “What Should One Do”.

The upbeat song was produced by Nico Stadi and co-written with Sidibe and Warryn Campbell.

“What Should One Do” is available in all digital online stores where music is purchased!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

New Music: Ja Rule & Ashanti - Encore

Ja Rule and Ashanti ruled the radio with hits like “Always On Time,” “Mesmerize,” and “Wonderful,” and now the Murder Inc. duo is back with an “Encore.”

The longtime collaborators show off their undeniable chemistry on the breezy ’90s-inspired track, which they’ve been previewing during their live shows.

Ashanti confirmed that a collaborative album was indeed in the works, adding: "We've been talking about that for so long, but I think now he's like, 'OK, now it's time to do it."

Monday, August 13, 2018

#IndieArtistSpotlight: AlanMichael - Interview

As recently announced, ‘RnB Junkie Official’ has added a new feature to our site to help independent artist gain more exposure #IndieArtistSpotlight. Our first #IndieArtistSpotlight feature goes to no other than AlanMichael. If you’re familiar with the D.C. music scene you might be familiar with this indie artist, being that he was called on stage by the “Vocal Bible” Brandy Norwood herself in concert to sing. While in route to New York City to take care of some studio business, emerging artist AlanMichael had a chance to chat with 'RnB Junkie Official.’ We discussed his unique sound, influences, his single, music video to ‘Pull Up,” and more. Check out our interview with our #IndieArtistSpotlight AlanMichael below. 

Where are you from?

AlanMichael: I am from Arlington, Virginia born and raised from Middletown which is like fifth-teen minutes outside of D.C. 

How would you describe your sound?

AlanMichael: It’s like a big gumbo pot of many different things. It’s rooted in R&B because that’s what I grew up on, but I throw in elements of Pop and alternatives something like Electronics in there, a hint of Rock sometimes depending on how I’m feeling that day. It’s a big mixture of everything. I don’t have quite a staple in a certain genre. I’m kind of like a chameleon when it comes to genres. I can go anywhere and make it sound good, so I like to call myself a chameleon. 

Who are some artists that have helped shape the way you listen to music, as well as your approach to creating music?

AlanMichael: It started off with Michael Jackson. When I was three years old, I would wake up and go into the living room and put on one of his concerts and perform like I was on stage with him. Just seeing how he approached structuring songs to creating visuals that was it to me! From there I was introduced to Janet and that was like when I really took on the whole dancing aspect. Then, when I think I was around seven or eight, my mom was driving me to summer camp and she had her red Nissan. The sunroof was back and she was blasting Brandy’s ’Top Of The World,’ and from then on my whole way of approaching singing, layering vocals, and just vocals styles in general changed. Brandy to me is the ultimate vocalist for anybody! It’s like she was the original superstar, you know what I mean? She had the tv shows, the platinum albums, the movies, the dolls, the endorsements, so I saw that at a young age and I was like I want to do that. So, Michael, Janet, and Brandy for me are the top three.  

I recently saw the visual to your single ‘Pull Up.’ Can you explain the inspiration behind the song, and how you came up with the creative concept of the video?

AlanMichael: The song was written as a way of me kind of sort of letting people know that you’re not going to sleep on me for too long. I’m letting them know that I am ready to show what I can do and what I have to offer. I don’t need anybody’s approval, anybody's co-signing, or anything. It was like it’s me I’m here! So, with the video, I wanted to approach it where it was being told through dance. You know, like that frustration of feeling like people don’t view you as an asset, so you’re like let me show you what I can do. We wanted to take that and put it in the movement. We also wanted to sprinkle in some bits of traditional African moves, which is we did with that to stay true to the intro of the song. We collaborated and came up with the routine in like a day and learned it that same day, shot the video the next day, and then there we go. 

I love how the video stayed true to the African essence of the beat. Everything thing was on point from wardrobe to the dancing, you guys did a really good job.

AlanMichael: Thank you! Let me tell you something. That wardrobe was last minute. I found those pants at a thrift store. I was like yup, we’re going to wear this. The paint on my face, we weren’t able to find face paint. So, I ran to CVS to grab whiteout and put it on my face. I was like listen because this going to have to happen. It took me like thirty minutes to scrub it off, but we did it and it looked good. 

How much of your material do you actually write?

AlanMichael: Everything that I sing I write. I write every lyric, every vocal harmony as in the way it's arranged I do all of that. I usually link up with different producers that I may find online or that might hit me up and we collaborate on what we want the song to sound like and then they’ll send me the track. I’ll write it, record it, and send it back to them and that’s it.

You’ve released two EP’s ‘Honeymoon Motel’ and ‘Entrancing.’ What were the highlights of creating each project?

AlanMichael: Oh my gosh! ‘Honeymoon Motel’ the first song I recorded for that was ‘Paradise,’ and I did that song in my girlfriend’s closet in our old apartment. I remember recording that one and just listening back to it and crying because that was the first time I ever did something like that to that level. That kind of sparked off the whole beginning of that project, so that was the most memorable moment of that for me. The latest EP, I think actually finishing it and listening to the whole thing back and hearing what I was able to create because I told myself when I did it, I’m going to do it bigger than the last one, and I’m going to do a whole visual thing with it. I have two videos left to film, but being able to achieve that goal so far is just the ultimate for me. 

What is one thing you would want someone to walk away with after listening to your projects?

AlanMichael: Just to know that I really love this. Music is something that I grew up on. My mom was in a band. My dad was in a band. So, being able to share that with people and for them to walk away and take something from it whether it’s them realizing that they have something that they’re passionate about and want to go after, or whether it’s a song that just sparks a memory in their mind or sparks a feeling. Just to know that they walk away with something from it is what I would want them to take. 

Where can music lovers find your music?

AlanMichael: Everywhere! iTunesSpotifyTidalAmazonGoogleYouTubeSoundcloud, and my mom's car. [Laughs].

How can our followers find you on social media?

AlanMichael: I’m on InstagramTwitterSoundcloud, and YouTube everything is @itsalanmichael. That’s @- i-t-s-a-l-a-n-m-i-c-h-a-e-l. It’s fairly simple and there we go. [Laughs].

Thank you for this interview today and being our first #IndieArtistSpotlight.

AlanMichael: Aww. Yay! I appreciate it because I usually don’t get asked to do things like this. This is like big to me!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

New Music: Ro James - Excuse Me

Break-out R&B artist Ro James has released the official lead single, “Excuse Me” from his highly-anticipated forthcoming sophomore album via ByStorm Entertainment/RCA Records which is due in the fall.

“Excuse Me” was written by James and co-produced by Pierre Medor and Tricky Stewart.

Beginning October 1st in San Francisco, James will embark on Jessie J’s “The R.O.S.E. Tour” which will make stops in other major cities including Chicago, Philadelphia and New York before wrapping up in Los Angeles.

Interview: P.M. Dawn Discuss Prince Be, Earliest Formation, New Member, Upcoming Music & More!

Chart-topping Hip Hop and R&B duo P.M. Dawn first broke through in 1991 with their #1 Billboard hit, “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss”. Soon after, they achieved two more top ten hits, “I’d Die Without You” and “Looking Through Patient Eyes”. In more recent years, they made headlines after tragedy struck the group with the passing of founding member Attrell “Prince Be” Cordes. I caught up with the current-line up of P.M. Dawn, Doc G. and newest member K.R.O.K. to discuss the earliest formation, Prince Be, what’s in store next and much more in our exclusive interview!

TERRANCE: Can you refresh us a little on the earliest formation of P.M. Dawn?

DOC G: The earliest form of P.M. Dawn was my cousin Prince Be and myself. I had beat up a bully in High School and the guy turned out to be like one of the worst drug dealers you’ve ever seen in Queens and he put a hit out on me and so I went into the navy. In my absence, Prince Be added his younger brother Jarrett Cordes who is also known as DJ Minutemix and that was pretty much the story behind that.

TERRANCE: This year marked the 25th Anniversary of P.M. Dawn’s sophomore album, The Bliss Album…? What do you recall about those recording sessions?

DOC G: I just recall a lot of confidence and I also recall a lot of coming into your own as far as what you wanted to do. If I had to pick a favorite song I would say, “Beyond Infinite Affections”, but I believe that album did a very good job of showing the direction we were going in and I just thought it was an amazing album.

TERRANCE: One of the greatest love songs of our time, “I’d Die Without You” from the iconic Boomerang Soundtrack over the years have been covered by Brandy, Alicia Keys and more recently Childish Gambino. Give me some background on that song and how it was conceived.

DOC G: Prince Be was masterful with the way he put things together and it was one of those things where he was on the money based off of what you saw in the film. In the movie when Eddie Murphy stopped Halle Berry he originally said, I’d die without you, and we didn’t actually see that part of it, we just did what we did and so Eddie was a little shaken like, Wow, how did they nail that? So he changed the line from I’d die without you to I can’t breathe without you. I thought that was cool.

TERRANCE: Where were you when you first learned of the untimely passing of Prince Be and your initial reaction?

DOC G: I was in a car driving and my brother called me up and it’s odd because my brother and I don’t have the best relationship and for some reason he only calls me when I’ve lost someone we both love and cherish. So he called me up and said, how are you doing? I said, I’m alright. He said, Gregory I gotta tell you something, it’s about Bucky. That’s what we called him and I said, what about Bucky? He said, Gregory he didn’t make it, he’s gone. He said, are you going to be okay? And I said, fuck no. I said, I’ll deal with it and hung the phone up. That was the beginning of me going to pieces. I still can’t remove his contact information from my phone. Around Holidays and my Birthdays, it drives me nuts. I have terrible nightmares around Father Day weekends because he died the Friday before the Sunday that was Father’s Day in 2016. Just having to relive certain moments and conversations in my head and I would have new conversations and I would wake up and it’s not real and I’m like profusely sweating. I would drive and he would appear in the passenger side of the vehicle I was driving. I had to get rid of the vehicle because the Altima that I was driving was the same Altima that we would go up and down the road in and tour in and I couldn’t take it, so I had to get rid of the car. I’ll never get over the death of Attrell “Prince Be” Cordes, never. I have friends of mine whose parents and spouses die and things like that and I think I understand how that feels. When he died, I gotta be honest, a part of me died with him and I’m trying not to let that part of me die forever. You never recover from it, but somehow you get the strength to live and fight on in spite of it. K.R.O.K. has been a great deal of pain relief to the situation, because his musical mannerisms and the nature of our relationship with the way we laugh and go through things is similar to how I used to deal with Prince Be. When I first went to his home in Arizona and went to his studio, he sets his studio up kind of the way Prince Be set his studio up, even the vocal booth. Nothing could take the place of my cousin and the love I have for him, but in some strange way I feel like Be led me to this guy, like I know I messed up and didn’t eat the right things but let me link you up with someone who does some of the stuff I do. There’s something about the way K.R.O.K. makes a beat and I’m just ready to go, I’m always into it and it’s been clickin’ and jellin’. I’m just very thankful. God took one soldier from me, but he gave me another one. It took two years for it to happen but I’m glad it happened.

TERRANCE: And speaking of K.R.O.K., tell us how you became affiliated with the group.

K-R.O.K.: I actually met Doc G. through Twitter and honestly originally I was just sending my condolence because of what happened to Prince Be. I grew up listening to my group and the influences and stuff like that. Just listening to music that was different, you know? As they call left field, but left field to me is always good because you’re not a follower, you’re always a leader. Anywho, I just sent my condolence out and whatnot and it took some months before I got a response from Doc G. and that’s understandable when you’re dealing with a loss, things take time, so he responded back and I was like, Hey I wanted to submit some production just for placements and of course he sent me his direct email. He sent me some stuff, I sent him some stuff and next thing you know, we were on the phone and got a chance to know each other outside of the music because that’s very important when you’re dealing with people in this industry. I mean, it’s important to have a relationship with them to understand them before you continue business, otherwise you’re just doing it for one thing and that’s business and then you go your separate ways, but in this situation me and Doc G. grew to become brothers, bliss brothers at that, so we started working doing music and he extended his hand and said, how would you like to be part of P.M. Dawn? And of course that’s something you just don’t take lightly, because you’ll say, yeah I’ll do it and not knowing what you’re getting yourself into because it’s a team effort and established group so you have to be prepared. As of April 6th of this year, Doc G. made the announcement via Facebook that I was one of the new members of the group and of course when he made that announcement, people were like, what? That’s cool and blah, blah, blah but the people that weren’t familiar with me that were P.M. Dawn fans started doing their research and knowing some my history as far as things I’ve done on the production end for other major artists, they were like, okay this is dope and just makes sense. So here we are and thanks to my bliss brother Doc G. we’re here and still in effect.

TERRANCE: Update us on the new music you’re working on and what can we expect.

DOC G: The best way I can describe it is Adult Contemporary Hip Hop, but at the same time we understand we must pay attention to what people are listening to and K.R.O.K. is doing a great job of keeping me in tuned with the vibes we need to get across and utilize. At the same time we’re staying true to ourselves and we’re just following our hearts. The beautiful thing about Hip Hop is that people in their 60’s are loving Hip Hop now. The writing’s on the wall. We see it on Twitter, people asking when are we coming back and when are we going to make another P.M. Dawn album. We’re making music for ourselves and the people that love us and the people that love us have wonderful brains and ears on each side of those brains and they really want to hear a specific type of Hip Hop and that is what we intend to give them.

TERRANCE: What do you hope to accomplish in this new phase of P.M. Dawn?

DOC G: I just want to have fun again and have the God given honor and privilege of doing what I love. I think that’s what everyone have a right to do and just want to make music to make people feel good and can identify with and maybe even help them get through their own adversities in life.

K.R.O.K.: I agree. Definitely to help them get through anything they go through and to tell music again not only sonically but emotionally. Also just to change the sound in music and this is my opinion that people are confused today when they listen to music. They don’t know if they want to turnup or they don’t know if they want to be in deathstep mode. I mean, Doc G. hit it on the nail with everything. P.M. Dawn has always stood for expressing yourself, like don’t be afraid to say this or say that and that’s what we’re going to do with this album.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share for the fans?

DOC G: Sure. I just want to say thank you for what you’ve done and thank you for what you’re about to do for us and we promise not to let you down.

Follow P.M. Dawn:
Facebook & Twitter @OfficialPMDawn
Instagram @pmdawn

Saturday, August 11, 2018

New Music: Anthony David - Lovely Day (Bill Withers Cover)

Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Anthony David has released the official lead single, "Lovely Day" from his forthcoming Bill Withers’ tribute album, Hello Like Before via Shanachie Entertainment which is scheduled for September 21.

On the song, David adds:
"In many ways, Bill Withers is the artist most influential to my music career. 'Lovely Day' is a favorite of the songs recorded for Hello Like Before because it's that classic feel good song that starts off your day. Although it was written over 40 years ago, it still makes you feel good every time you hear it." 

Anthony David is currently on the Hello Like Before Tour: