Thursday, June 29, 2017

Evelyn Braxton Interview

My interview with the matriarch of the Braxton family, Ms. Evelyn Braxton.

Terrance - Hello Ms. Evelyn. How are you? 

Evelyn Braxton - I am doing great sweetie.

Terrance - What was it like growing up in Columbia, SC and how did you end up in Maryland at such a young age? 

Evelyn Braxton - Life was very simple back then, I enjoyed every minute of it. I moved to Maryland to live with my Aunt and Uncle because they did not have children and wanted them. So my parents agreed for me to move to Maryland.

Terrance - Tell us about your life coaching organization.

Evelyn Braxton - My life coaching is about uplifting everyone while incorporating God in each session. 

Terrance - I remembered you said once that Braxton Family Values brought out hidden pain that was never discussed amongst the family.

Evelyn Braxton - Yes this is true, before the show many issues were not discussed and swept under the rug and even though the issues were still on our mind we did not realize how much we held on to the past. 

Terrance - Being that your children were raised in the Church and your former husband Braxton Sr. was the Pastor, were there ever any issues within the Church community or family with them doing secular music as opposed to the religious music they grew up on?

Evelyn Braxton - In the beginning my children were only singing gospel music, even with the very first Braxton single it was a inspirational song about family. There were many song lyrics I made the producers change due to our beliefs.

Terrance - You’ve supported your children since the beginning and still do, but at what point did you realize you needed to step back, take time for yourself and do the things you like to do?

Evelyn Braxton - (Laughs) I just make time for myself, because I am still standing in all audiences cheering my children on. 

Terrance - How did you take it when Toni Braxton got signed to LaFace and her sisters didn’t?

Evelyn Braxton - I was very upset because I wanted all of them to get at the same exact time. I felt that only 1 getting signed would cause division in our family and I wanted all of them to succeed and be successful.

Terrance - We’ve heard Michael, Towanda, Trina, Toni, Traci and Tamar sing. Does Ms. Evelyn sing? 

Evelyn Braxton - You better know it! (Laughs) I taught all of them. 

Terrance - What was the feeling when it was announced The Braxtons would be recording their first album, Braxton Family Christmas, as a quintet?

Evelyn Braxton - Excitement, even now with the album out I listen to it constantly and tears form because it has always been heavy on my heart that my children never got the opportunity to record a album together and now it's here. 

Terrance - What’s your personal favorite song from the Braxton Family Christmas album?

Evelyn Braxton - The entire album (Laughs) My number 1 is "Mary Did You Know"

Terrance - As a parent, so far, what has been your proudest moment? 

Evelyn Braxton - The Braxton Family Christmas album 

Terrance - What are your favorite dishes to prepare for the Holidays because I understand you’re the Chef in the family? 

Evelyn Braxton - Now that I am (Laughs) I prepare my entire family favorite mayo biscuits, baked macaroni and cheese, collard greens or kale, ham and so much more. I make sure the table is set up for Jesus just in case if he decides to stop by.

Terrance - In the last season of Braxton Family Values, Pastor T.D. Jakes was brought in for a counseling session with the family. Do you think it brought some closure? 

Evelyn Braxton - It did, my girls realized how divided they were and from that day forward started back making sure family was first.

Terrance - If someone needs words of encouragement and incentive, what advice would you give? 

Evelyn Braxton - When there is any doubt allow God to light your path. The outcome will be more than you expect because all trials are temporary and lessons learned.

Terrance - Anything else you’d like to share? 

Evelyn Braxton - Stay tuned for so much more from me and my family and make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram "EvelynBraxton".

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