Thursday, July 6, 2017

Adina Howard Interview: Latest Album "Resurrection", Being An Independent Artist & More!

R&B Vet Adina Howard who burst on the 90’s music scene with the signature staple “Freak Like Me” and “Nasty Grind”, weigh in on her new project Resurrection, profound meaning behind her latest single “Blasphemy”, being Independent and what’s next...
TERRANCE: In our first interview you mentioned releasing an album wasn’t your focus so bring me to date with what prompted you to record your new project Resurrection.

ADINA HOWARD: My husband actually prompted me; the universe prompted me. Realizing the divine told me that my platform had a purpose and the divine was using my husband to urge me to create another project, I was like Okay gotcha! So it was a combination of the universe speaking through my husband and him saying Adina you have one more in you, just do this last project and so because of that I was like, you know what? Fine I'll go ahead and do it and the divine had put everything in alignment with the producers, songwriters, rapper Tyler “King Gas” Gaston who reached out to me and sent me a song I fell in love with which was the first song he wrote specifically for me which is “Radiation” and when I heard that song I was like this is Everything! And when we had our conversation he was like what is it that you want? We started working and Tyler was heaven sent I knew because of the chemistry that everything was right about moving forward with the project.

TERRANCE: What was that like collaborating with Tech N9ne on "Radiation"?

ADINA HOWARD: Everything!! He is my number one rapper and to be able to connect with him and say I have to have you on this song and for him to say yeah okay mama I got you was like Yasss! (laughs). So it was amazing to work with him and to get the greenlight because he is a hard one to lock down.

TERRANCE: So talk about your single “Blasphemy” and the meaning behind it.

ADINA HOWARD: “Blasphemy” is basically when I look at our community and I look at how our young Kings are acting niggerish and not realizing they come from royalty you know, we are created by the divine so therefore we are divine and to just look at how we are negating the fact that we are better than what we are shown on television etc. It’s like something has to be said, like this is disrespectful the way you’re talking to each other from both our young Kings and Queens, this is not who we are. Just because we’re being fed the propaganda and yes some of this is real and it’s going on, doesn’t mean we have to act like savages because that’s not who we are and to look at yourself in the mirror and see that you’re better than what they’re expecting you to be, you’re better than what you’re told you are and to see a greatness. So that song right there for me was to let us know young, old and in between that we weren’t slaves when we came here, we were enslaved. We were put into bondages and so don’t believe the hype when they say, oh y’all were slaves, oh no boo boo, we were enslaved. There’s a difference, we were free prior to the savages wanting free labor, we were enslaved so that you can be lazy. And it’s just bringing awareness that we were great and we need to continue being great. Project that.

TERRANCE: One of my favorite stand out tracks is “Love Jonez” what was the recording process like for that song?

ADINA HOWARD: Easy breezy. There wasn’t any incense, candles and things of that nature (laughs). It was just a regular recording session and I had some extra sexy music in my ears and music for me, whatever it conjures up emotionally I inject that into the song.

TERRANCE: If there’s one song off the album that best represent your current state of mind what would it be?

ADINA HOWARD: Most likely “Work” if I had to choose one that would be it.

TERRANCE: From your perspective, what are the advantages of being an independent artist?

ADINA HOWARD: You have control over everything!! And I’m a control freak more than anything in the world (laughs) and to have the control I have has been a blessing because I can do things my way.

TERRANCE: What are your thoughts on the beef among female artists especially in Contemporary R&B music today?

ADINA HOWARD: I think it’s foolish. Absolute foolish. I think that when you are making the money that you are making and doing what you have a passion for you’re living your dream so why is there conflict? What sense does it make and don’t get me wrong I’ve had my beef with an individual artist back in the day and that was my immaturity and that’s basically what it is, immaturity and it won’t really dawn on them until they grow up that it was foolery. I’m a mature woman now I look at it as this is foolish, y’all make your money and enjoy your life because at the end of the day you’re wasting your time on another female that ain’t feeding or clothing you and ain’t paying your bills so what the fuck?

TERRANCE: Three things people might not know about you.

ADINA HOWARD: I have Asthma, i’m a beast in the kitchen and I’m funny as shit (laughs).

TERRANCE: Who are some artists you’re enjoying at the moment?

ADINA HOWARD: That’s a very interesting question for me because I drive a great deal in silence. I’m just in silence most of my days. I think silence is golden because there’s so much noise going on in the world today. I just love and embrace quiet like I don’t listen to television, radio, nothing really comes on around me. Amy Winehouse is one that I listen to because her voice is just ridiculously amazing.

TERRANCE: Aside from the music what’s next?

ADINA HOWARD: Oh man! Acting is on the agenda. I have a lot of people approaching me about acting and that’s something I’m currently and actively working on. I actually had an audition via skype for an independent film.

TERRANCE: Anything not discussed you would like to share with your fans and the readers?

ADINA HOWARD: Go get Resurrection (laughs). Go get it and check it out. I did it technically at the end of the day for those individuals who wanted to hear more Adina Howard music and for us to recognize our greatness as we discussed via “Blasphemy”, to recognize that we are our own worst enemy and if we do not get it together we don’t have to worry about the enemy so to speak destroying us because we’re doing the job for them. So let’s wake up and recognize that if we get it together through unity not only will we survive but thrive and division will die. We have to get it together because there is a mission out there to destroy us so don’t help them destroy us, make it hard for them to destroy us and i’m not necessarily saying pull up your pants and wear a suit but we need to recognize quote unquote Black Lives Matter then we need to act like they matter. Period.

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