Sunday, May 12, 2019

New Video: Jay Lyriq - Cupid 2.0 (112's Revamped Cover)

JAY LYRIQ, an in-demand singer, songwriter who has co-written gold and platinum hits with T-Pain, has released a revamped version of 112’s classic 1997 R&B ballad “Cupid.”

When Jay decided to interpolate the song, he asked his producer RD to recreate the music. “I asked myself, How can I take elements of what made the song what it was and then infuse what's going on today into it?” he explains. “I wanted to keep the chorus the same, but I wanted to use my own words and change the format of the verses.”

Jay’s rendition is very personal as it is a tribute to his wife who stayed by his side after he lost everything after parting ways with T-Pain. “‘Cupid’ is talking about ‘Give love a try’ and things like that. I was just thinking about my situation,” Jay says. “My girl stuck with me through everything. I kept trying to push her away because I was in a situation where I didn't have anything to offer. But she helped me understand and realize that it wasn't about that. So that's why when I sing the lyric, ‘I’m done with all the lying and the playing and the bullsh-t, I want you,’ that's real. I wanted to show her that I'm 100 percent locked in with her.”

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