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Angie Stone Interview: New Album "Love Language", New Label, New Look and A Better Point of View

Multi-Platinum Award-winning singer-songwriter Angie Stone has released her anticipated 10th studio album Love Language on all music platforms. The 11-track album features contributions from songwriters/producers Walter Milsap, Candice Nelson and Balewa Muhammad and includes guest appearances from Musiq Soulchild and for the first time, her son, Swayvo Twain.

Love Language was led by the singles "Kiss You", "The Gym" featuring Platinum R&B Superstar Musiq Soulchild and the latest "Good Man" via the Conjunction Entertainment/SRG-Group label imprint.

TERRANCE: The people have been taking notice of your new youthful appearance and healthier approach. Talk about how this all started.

ANGIE STONE: I think that people got so obsessed with the afro. Every year they were requesting the big hair. Now that I've straightened my hair and got a ponytail, people are like, oh my God you look so young. Well, first of all, when you lose weight, you shed years. At the time that I was very heavy, I was on a medicine called Prednisone that caused me to blow up. By the time I came off of the medication, I began to lose the weight and get back down to my normal size. So, what you're seeing now is the Angie Stone before my success. So, what you see is a result of weight loss, youth kicking back in, a different hairdo and so for the first-time people are seeing the real Angie and she looks brand new. I have to tell you it was quite a struggle with the weight, because I was never, ever used to that kind of weight, so when I got sick and had to take steroids, it changed my entire lifestyle. Now what you see is the new and improved Angie which is the Angie before meds, and I have to say that I've gotten nothing but overwhelming response to how beautiful I look, and it is overwhelmingly good for me because this is who I've always been. Its just you guys caught me in a moment where I was out of pocket.

TERRANCE: Your tenth solo album Love Language is out now. Congratulations on that. What inspired this album and how it came together.

ANGIE STONE: Thank you. Well, I cut that album in two weeks. I was pretty done with the music industry, but because people just wanted to hear more Angie Stone and so everybody started comparing it to Mahogany Soul and their favorite album and one thing, it's very hard to duplicate a previous work, so I just went in the mindset of treating it like it's your first record and that's what I did with this album. I worked with some incredible producers and songwriters that really captured the essence of Angie Stone. So, what you hear is a collaboration of some wonderful producers and songwriters along with myself and I think that we have a winning formula. This is also the first time I've been as social media savvy, so I've gotten a hang of it, I think.

TERRANCE: What was the thought process behind your song "The Gym" with Musiq Soulchild?

ANGIE STONE: Well, everything I do that's a success, you notice, is written metaphorically and that song was approached from a metaphoric standpoint. You think about the gyms and working out and comparing a hardworking relationship to that of a hardworking person in the gym trying to lose weight and shed some pounds and skin and get rid of some people that are causing you to be heavily weighed down.

TERRANCE: On "Old Thang Back" you collaborated with your son Swayvo Twain. What was that like?

ANGIE STONE: That was something that he said he could do pretty quickly, and he actually did it in one take and he did a superb job on coming up with that rhyme at the end of it. It was kind of reminiscent of when we did neo-soul originally. It had that vibe on it, so he was a part of the authenticity of that, so I let him do it. 

TERRANCE: Talk about the message behind your latest single "Good Man".

ANGIE STONE: "Good Man" is just what you hear. He's a good man. Every woman should have one and I just think when you have the perfect good man, he makes you feel good, he makes you reach beyond. In other words, there's no wrong that could be done by that man. So, a good man is what we all hope to have one day. It's a Steppers record and has a Chicago vibe. 

TERRANCE: Give us some details about the visual concept for the upcoming video "Good Man" which co-stars actor-singer Terrell Carter.

ANGIE STONE: I recreated a scene of Sparkle where I have on a red dress and my love interest has on a red suit and we're just vibin' and flirtin'. It's a beautiful video.

TERRANCE: Are there any personal favorites or stand-out tracks on the album?

ANGIE STONE: Well, I do have favorites. Obviously, I love "Good Man". The other song that I absolutely love is "All I Need". I think it's a great song. 

TERRANCE: Hip Hop turns 50 this year and with that being said, what does it mean to you and the culture?

ANGIE STONE: Well, I think 50 years of celebrating Hip Hop is definitely an applause to my group Sequence. We have a good solid 50 years in. I think that being the first female rap group to actually come out and have an authentic original rap record is an accomplishment that no one else has been able to top, so for us, it's a legendary moment and we're very grateful that we're not forgotten. So, hats off to everyone involved in Hip Hop, but especially hats off to the group The Sequence.

TERRANCE: Can we expect any upcoming shows, events or tours in support of the Love Language album?

ANGIE STONE: Yes. I have some dates scheduled already. Of course, there's the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop that we're included in. And already there's so many people calling me to book the month of September. I don't have the schedule as of yet, but I can already tell you now that it's filling up pretty quickly.

TERRANCE: With June being Black Music Month, if you could name three albums' people should hear in their lifetimes, what would they be?

ANGIE STONE: They would definitely be Songs In the Key of Life by Stevie Wonder, That's the Way of the World by Earth Wind and Fire and Rapture by Anita Baker.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with longtime fans, followers and the readers?

ANGIE STONE: I would just like to say thank you from my heart. All the continued support I've gotten over the years. If you're not aware of the new album it's called Love Language. Check it out, listen to it online and see if you want to buy it, but it's a great piece of work.

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