Monday, April 22, 2024

[Preview] Vanessa Williams Returns to Music with "Legs (Keep Dancing)"

Legendary singer, actress and model Vanessa Williams took to social media to announce her first new music release after 15 years entitled "Legs (Keep Dancing)".

The upbeat track was co-written with Chantry Johnson, Kjersti Long and Kipper Jones (who also co-penned Williams earlier classics "The Right Stuff", "The Comfort Zone").

Hear a preview below:

The track will be available on all streaming and digital music platforms April 26th via Williams record label Mellian Music in partnership with Mod Squad, LLC.

"What a joy it is to be making new music behind the mic again with old friends. There's a certain comfort in creating new works in the studio while reminiscing about how so many years in this business have brought successes, excitement, and lasting memories. Always moving forward is what drives me. Every challenge is exciting. And more new music to share with my fans is the fuel that lights my fire." -Vanessa Williams

"Legs (Keep Dancing)" is set to appear on Williams upcoming ninth studio album later this year.

"This is an album that surrounds Vanessa's vocal gifts and performances with stellar acoustic and electronic performances by real musicians, real writers, real producers, a real music album. This album is for all genres. It will touch on all of Vanessa's experiences in the Pop, R&B, Latin, Jazz, and Dance genres. Vanessa is re-introducing herself by her design; we're all committed and excited to be a part of it." -Tony Prendatt, Mod Squad CEO

"You can call it a comeback, a full circle moment, or just plain serendipity. But I call it a blessing to be creating more history with the iconic force of nature that is Vanessa Williams. If past is indeed prologue, we’re about to give ‘em hell again!" -Kipper Jones

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