My interview with Amanda Perez!! Amanda Perez came on the music scene in 2002 under Universal Records where she released the profound slow jam “Never” and a year later released the single that would become her signature anthem “Angel”. Through the ups and downs, Amanda Perez has remained intact and still uplifting people through song.
Terrance - Hey Amanda Perez, how are you?
Amanda Perez - I’m fine. Thank you for asking.
Terrance - You started off the year with the song “F*** Your Feelings” which is a far cry from songs like “Never” and “Angel”. Tell us how that song came about?
Amanda Perez - I wanted to make a song about my exs. They always wanna come back after the grass ain’t greener on the the other side . (fuck your feelings). I ain’t worried bout how they feel anymore.
Terrance - “Aint Gon Let You” is your latest song. Give us some insights on that and where can it be purchased?
Amanda Perez - Aint Gon Let You is a song to help people in a bad situation. Learn to be strong and get out. Love and know what U deserve . I Been through it all, know what’s it’s like I chose not to let them hurt me no more.
Terrance - Your most recent fifth album, Unexpected, was released under your own label Krazy A. Entertainment and included the single, “Freak for the Weekend”. Tell us about that and why did you decided you needed to create your own label?
Amanda Perez - I have always had my own Label I just had to share the spotlight with a major label. Now I own 100% of everything. I wanted my Label to be out there.
Terrance - As a person and artist of the LGBT community, do you think their music is being embraced and acceptable more now than ever before?
Amanda Perez - Most deafly. I do think things are changing and more embracing it’s about the music and I think people are starting to see it ain’t bout what color or what sex you should be with. It’s about the gift that God has given and what the world don’t know bout what has been hidden or put behind close doors. I couldn’t have been happier to come out. I’ve been embrace more than ever.
Terrance - What inspires your music?
Amanda Perez - A lot that inspires me comes from personal experience or just day-to-day life as it comes in front of me .
Terrance - If you could bring back one artist who’ve passed on to duet with, who would it be and why?
Amanda Perez - 2 Pac cause he didn’t give a damn what people said and his words and his deliverance moves people. These days it’s rare to find a song that really moves you or a rapper that can understand both sides. So yea 2 Pac.
Terrance - What are your views on the music industry today?
Amanda Perez - What I think about the music in the Industry today is a lot of it sound the same as the next man’s track. I try to be different in all I do U know what I’m saying?
Terrance - Outside of music, what are some other goals/aspirations?
Amanda Perez - Outside of music I’d like to do movies and become a successful entrepreneur.
Terrance - What are your thoughts on Reality TV and would you do it if offered?
Amanda Perez - lol I love reality TV. I watch it all the time. It let’s people see what goes on in your life. I wouldn’t mind doing a reality show.
Terrance - “Angel” was a big hit for you. Can you share with us what this song meant to you at that point?
Amanda Perez - Angel meant a lot to me. Not only did I get out of a bad relationship, I lost a family member all I could do was ask God for help and the song Angel came to life.
Terrance - What’s one of the greatest lessons learned since being in the music business?
Amanda Perez - The greatest lesson I could’ve learned was not to trust people in this industry. They’re out to get all your hard work and money you’ve earned. Make sure you’re around people who love U and will make sure things are alright in all ways. I learned the hard a lot of time so never trust anyone.
Terrance - It was nice getting up with you Amanda Perez and as always you have my support.
Amanda Perez - Thank you for the support. It was dope. AP