Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Toni Braxton’s Top 30 Underrated Songs

Grammy Award-winning R&B songstress Toni Braxton is days away from releasing her ninth album Sex & Cigarettes via Def Jam Recordings, so it’s only fitting we do her the honor of featuring her top 30 underrated songs spanning her 25 year musical career. The selections are based on limited single releases and standout album cuts. Check out our list and see if you Agree/Disagree.

30 Love Affair

29 There’s No Me Without You

28 Candlelight

27 In the Late of Night

26 Spending My Time With You

25 Always

24 Stupid

23 And I Love You

22 Stay

21 Talking In His Sleep

20 Take This Ring

19 Art of Love

18 Melt (Like an Iceberg)

17 Never Just For a Ring

16 Come On Over Here

15 If I Have to Wait

14 Fairy Tale

13 How Many Ways (R. Kelly Mix)

12 Sposed to Be

11 Why Should I Care

10 Why Won’t You Love Me

09 Me & My Boyfriend

08 Maybe

07 I Wanna Be (Your Baby)

06 I’d Rather Be Broke

05 Find Me A Man

04 I’m Still Breathing

03 I Wish

02 Suddenly

01 How Could An Angel Break My Heart

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