Monday, June 4, 2018

New Music: Luke James - ‘These Arms’

2x Grammy-nominated R&B recording artist Luke James returns with his latest offering “These Arms”. Continuing in the direction of nostalgia soundscapes, the song provides the perfect backdrop for anyone who is in the mood for love.

On the song Luke James says:
“I love to be loved. Whether it is by a significant other or an acquaintance. I think love is important. It is an addiction in a sense. It's dope and makes you feel good. I'd rather that feeling than any other. It's about protecting the idea and stay true to that. In life, as I am learning and loving people, I find that trust in vulnerability. I find that [vulnerability] to be something questionable and hard to do. You just never know what someone is thinking. I guess "These Arms" is a song of reassurance.”

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