Sunday, November 4, 2018

An Interview with Gary 'Lil G' Jenkins of Silk

R&B Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Actor GARY ‘LIL G’ JENKINS best known as the lead singer in the multi-platinum R&B group Silk (“Freak Me”, “If You (Lovin’ Me)”, “Girl U for Me”, “Meeting In My Bedroom”, “Lose Control”, “Hooked on You”), returns with his latest solo single “Like We Use To” from his upcoming sophomore album G7 No Parole. I caught up with Lil G for an exclusive interview to discuss the single, the album, Silk and much more…


TERRANCE: Talk to us about your new single “Like We Use To” and why people should go download it if they hadn’t already.

LIL G: It’s the first single off of my new album that will be coming in the new year titled G7 No Parole. It’s a song that’s very old R&B-driven but it’s also a Stepper’s cut and man, the stepping scene has really taken a whole to this scene. I did a pre-release and it ended up being on the Official Indie Soul Charts for three straight weeks at #2. So everybody please support me in my efforts to bring the love back in our relationships whether it be friendships or relationships between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man.

TERRANCE: What’s the backstory behind the name of your upcoming sophomore album G7 No Parole?

LIL G: The reason I titled the album G7 No Parole is because I consider myself in prison through music. I’m sentenced to life in music. I’m not getting out. G7 is real dear to me because first of all, I’m the seventh child. I’m the baby boy. There’s five boys and two girls. G is the seventh letter in the alphabet and the number 7 is considered the number of completion, so I put it all together and 7 is my lucky number so G7 No Parole.

TERRANCE: Can you share who’s on the album as far as producers, special guests?

LIL G: Well, the producer of the first single is Mr. Wirlie Morris and I’m sure you know that name. He’s worked with Charlie Wilson, New Edition, Johnny Gill, so I was able to link up with him and his team and so we put this one together. There are some others that I’m targeting right now. You might have some special guest spots on the album too.

TERRANCE:  How does the recording process differ as a solo artist vs. with your group Silk?

LIL G: On this album you will get to hear more of my creative aspects. I’m a musician as well and you’re definitely going to hear that in my live shows and hear that in the music as well. I’m trying to give the fans a little bit more insight on what Lil G really does.

TERRANCE: What musical instrument you play and when did you start?

LIL G: Oh man, I started picking up instruments when I was a child about seven years old. I first started out with keys, guitars, drums, bass, percussion and started expanding from there.

TERRANCE: Are there any favorite Silk songs or one’s you enjoy performing that were not singles?

LIL G: “Lose Control” is my all-time favorite I just have to say that. I like to get off into “I Wonder”, “Playa Road”, “Back in My Arms”, “Love You Down”, “Because of Your Love”, “What Kind of Love”, “Sexcellent”. On the Quiet Storm album, it would have to be “Baby Suit”, “Only Takes One”.

TERRANCE: You mentioned Quiet Storm. Do you feel that project fulfilled what it needed?

LIL G: I just don’t think it was put out there the way it needed to be and it needs to be revisited, you know? Because it’s too much great music on there that part of the world didn’t get a chance to have access to, so I’m starting a campaign to get that back in effect.

TERRANCE: What can you tell us about the current status of Silk?

LIL G: We are all together on everything. I’m working on a solo project. John John is working on a solo project. We’re just keeping busy, man. That’s all you gotta do. Keep it together. We’re businessmen and brothers and we ain’t going nowhere.

TERRANCE: What do you hope listeners take away from the G7 No Parole experience?

LIL G: I hope that they feel they know a little bit more about me and I hope that one or two or three or ten songs affect them in a way that makes them think about their life and hopefully it’s a situation to make their life better in a sense because if you can relate to something, it’s going to stick with you forever. Am I right?


LIL G: So I hope they take that. And I hope that they just get enjoyment and fulfillment out of my project.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to leave for your fans, followers and the readers?

LIL G: I love y’all. I love y’all. I love y’all and thank y’all for the support you’ve given me and my group over the years and we’re going to continue to keep this music coming your way. If you want to reach out to me on my social media, my website is, Facebook and Twitter @garygjenkins and Instagram @garylilg. For all of Silk’s social media it’s @SILKfans for everything. Congratulations to you man, you’re doing your thing with RnB Junkie.

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