Friday, April 12, 2019

New Music: Sounds of Blackness - Til I Found You (From the Upcoming Jam & Lewis Vol. 1 Project)

Legendary and Grammy Award-winning Songwriting and production duo JIMMY JAM & TERRY LEWIS has released the lead single "Til' I Found You" from their upcoming Jam & Lewis Vol. 1 project via their relaunched Perspective label.

"Til I Found You" features Perspective Records first Gospel, R&B and Jazz ensemble group Sounds of Blackness (known for their #1 hit "Optimistic").

Jimmy Jam adds:
"As we jump to 30 years later we feel that the opportunity to reunite Sounds of Blackness with the legendary Ann Nesby and Big Jim Wright (R.I.P.) feels like the foundation from which to build a project to uplift and make you fall in love with music again."


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  1. I've been a fan of Flyte Tyme Productions since its inception in 1982. I've been a fan of The Sounds of Blackness since their first album. Til I Found You hit me where I live. This is my new theme song. It will be booming on my systems for quite a while. I even played it at church before bringing the word yesterday. In my opinion, truer words were never spoken, written, or sung. Never felt real love til I found GOD! I give mad props to all who were involved!