Thursday, June 20, 2019

New Video: Ryélle Returns With Drake-Inspired Single 'Last Call'

Following the success of Ryélle 2018 debut single “Swim”, she has released her second single “Last Call”. The emerging R&B singer-songwriter shares the song's official Judlin Civil-directed music video. Heavily inspired by Drake's "Marvin’s Room," “Last Call” is a cautionary tale of a drunken lover trying to reach their significant other to no avail.

On the song/visual, Ryélle adds:

"This song was actually written over three years ago, but the storyline is pretty timeless. Every girl can relate to this and the frustration of dealing with a guy who is just not good for them. The video was easy to come up with since the song tells its own story. We shot for 16 hours straight, overnight at that! But not by choice. We got kicked out of our first location and spent hours looking for a new one. In the end, it worked out and I'm very pleased with how we told the story. I hope this song can serve as strength to anyone in a similar situation."

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