Sunday, October 4, 2020

Revisited: An Interview with Case

R&B vet Case who hails from Brooklyn, New York has released 7 studio albums in his career and though there's been personal and business struggles behind the scene, but one thing is for certain, he haven't lost his love for music. Continuing on his journey as an independent artist, I caught up with the crooner to discuss how he got discovered, his music as well as his hiatus and much more. Check out our revisited exclusive below...

TERRANCE: How did you get your first deal with Def Jam?

CASE: I was making demos and signed to a production company called Spoiled Rotten. My manager at the time got Faith Evans to write a song in my demo called Don't Be Afraid. Russell Simmons heard the song and loved it. I am the last artist Russell personally signed to Def Jam.

TERRANCE: After your third album, Open Letter, that spawned the hit “Missing You”, you went on an eight year hiatus from the music business. Can you share the reason?

CASE: I was just tired of the business of the music business. Tired of the politics, tired of feeling like I was pouring myself into making the music and that it wasn't receiving the promotion or attention I felt it deserved.

TERRANCE: “Happily Ever After” is like the Wedding anthem of all modern Weddings. How did that song come about?
CASE: That song was actually a duet when I heard it. I decided to change it around, make it just me, added a bridge and there you have it.

TERRANCE: In the “Happily Ever After” video, it showed a very young Beyonce at the time. How did you all get that past everybody (laughs) and what was it like being on set with her?

CASE: We had a ball on set. 3 day shoot. A lot of fun. I don't think we got it past anybody. She was plain to see (laughs).

TERRANCE: What was it like collaborating with Joe on “Faded Pictures”?

CASE: That was fun. It was my first duet with another singer. We had fun creating and bouncing ideas etc. Was a cool experience.

TERRANCE: Take us back to your self-titled debut album. I know Mary J. Blige co-wrote several songs including your first top 40 hit “Touch Me Tease Me”.

CASE: That album was a long time ago. Wish I could do it over again. I was young, hadn't yet learned to record, was still very far from finding myself vocally and didn't have a lot of help doing so. It's kind of bittersweet. That album was really a learning experience for me artistically.

TERRANCE: We’ve seen LSG and TGT come together to do collaborative albums. If you could pick two male artists to make a group project with, who would they be?

CASE: One would be Joe definitely, and maybe Donell Jones or Jon B.

TERRANCE: What are your thoughts on R&B today?

CASE: I think R&B is kinda starting to head in the right direction. Got lost for a while there but I like where it's going. Starting to get more traditional R&B music versus the hip hop hybrid.

TERRANCE: What are your top 5 Case songs that weren’t singles?

CASE: Rain, Caught You, Even Tho, Place to Stay and Tour
TERRANCE: What’s the greatest advice you’ve been given since being in the business?

CASE: To be true to who I am artistically, to not follow trends and keep plugging away.

TERRANCE: Are there any regrets or opportunities in your career you wished you had approached?

CASE: There is maybe a song or 2 I wish I had or hadn't recorded. (laughs). But overall I take the good with the bad cuz it's all a learning experience.

TERRANCE: Where can the people reach you in social media?

CASE: Twitter/periscope: case_music, IG: iam_case, Facebook: Casemusic

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