Friday, February 5, 2021

J. Brown Interview: New Single "Vibe", Upcoming Sophomore EP, Views on R&B Music Today & More


Emerging R&B Singer-songwriter J. Brown is one to watch. Last year, he released his debut EP Forever Yours which features the Billboard top 10 hit singles "Sunrise, Sunset" & "Moon" and the top 15 "Give It 2 U". I caught up with the Detroit native to discuss his latest feel-good groove "Vibe", future music releases and much more. 

"Vibe" is available on all major streaming platforms via Mocha Music.

TERRANCE: At what age did you realize you were ready to share your gift to the world?

J. BROWN: I was raised in a very musically inclined environment. My mother was at one time, signed to Motown. And it was through her love for music that I found my passion. I started singing early, at around the age of six. I sang around my home to my parents favorite songs. When I got older, I began to sing solo in my father’s church. It was in the church that I released how powerfully, captivating my voice was. It was at those moments when I realized that I needed to share my voice with a greater audience and on a bigger platform.

TERRANCE: In three words how would you describe your sound?

J. BROWN: Smooth, soulful and unforgettable

TERRANCE: Talk about the inspiration behind your latest single "Vibe".

J. BROWN: I wrote the song “Vibe” with the hopes of putting some feel good music onto the airwaves. “Vibe” has a sound that is smooth and cool that my listeners could vibe to. I wanted to create something fresh and familiar at the same time.

TERRANCE: What was it like shooting the visuals?

J. BROWN: Shooting visuals is always interesting. It’s always fun to convey the passions and feelings of a song into a visual context.

TERRANCE: Can we expect an album or new EP in the near future?

J. BROWN: You can certainly expect some new releases. In the spring, I expect to release my next EP. and I am also preparing to drop a new single early 2021.

TERRANCE: February is Black History Month and with that being said, what does Black Excellence mean to you?

J. BROWN: Black excellence is all about pushing through obstacles and roadblocks no matter how difficult or trying they are. Historically, we have been denied so much and this is the exact reason why we should claim all that is owed to us, but it doesn’t come without hard work and dedication. We must do everything that they said we couldn’t do! Break all glass ceilings and don’t take no for an answer.

TERRANCE: Who are some black figures you've looked up to along the way?

J. BROWN: As I already said, music played such an important role in my life, so I naturally gravitated to some of the most awesome and inspiring musicians of our time. Donnie Hathaway, James Brown, Nina Simone, Marvin Gaye, Babyface, Al Greene, Issac Hayes, Gerald Levert.

TERRANCE: What are your views on R&B music today?

J. BROWN: R&B is evolving with everything else in the word. Music is changing with each generation. It is important for artists to be able to ride the wave of change while staying true to their art form. But R&B is making a comeback for sure. I like to mix the traditional R&B constructs with new sounds. This satisfies the musical appetite for both the old and new generations.

TERRANCE: What are some things you enjoy outside of the Entertainment world?

J. BROWN: I have an adventurous nature. I love boxing, hiking, river rafting and getting a good workout in. I follow politics and enjoy learning about history.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with your fans, followers and the readers?

J. BROWN: Thank you for your support and trust that there is more good music on the way. I truly appreciate the fact that people are truly enjoying my art. There is more to come and just be prepared to expect the unexpected when it comes to my sounds.

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