Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Breana Marin Interview: New Single "Work", Writing for Brandy, Fifth Harmony & More

Known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced by Sade & Imogen Heap, Indie R&B Singer-songwriter Breana Marin has released her new single "Work" on all digital platforms. Written by Breana and Produced by Dylan Graham, Benjamin Singh-Reynolds & Coop the Truth, the track expertly fuses elements of Pop and Island vibes. After writing for the likes of Brandy, Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole & LeToya Luckett, the Songstress has taken the internet by storm licensing hip hop hooks to indie artists.

TERRANCE: First, can you share with us where you're from and when you realized your passion for music?

BREANA MARIN: I'm from Las Vegas, NV. I think my passion for music has always been present. I always gravitated towards musicals and great melodies as a child. I'd sing over all the songs on the radio in the car and joined the choir in elementary school. From there, I really started taking it seriously. 


TERRANCE: Who were some of your earliest musical influences growing up? BREANA MARIN: I was a sponge growing up. I loved watching MTV and BET because they pretty much were playing music videos all day. I never cared what genre or artist I was listening to as long as the melody spoke to me. My parents were constantly playing classics and R&B. I grew up on Sade, Michael Jackson, Tamia, and En Vogue. I was obsessed with the pop craze N Sync, Britney Spears, and Spice Girls. My influences are all over the place [laughs]. 


TERRANCE: In three words describe your personality.  BREANA MARIN: Playful, Imaginative, Driven.


TERRANCE: Talk about your new single "Work". What inspired it and how it came together.

BREANA MARIN: "Work" is a snapshot of how I was feeling about my relationship at the time. I came home feeling frustrated and decided to sit down at my computer and use that energy in a productive way. I played some chords on my keyboard and then just sang out all of my emotions [laughs]. I sent the vocals over to my friend Dylan Graham (producer) and he just took the song in a whole new direction. 


TERRANCE: Can we expect an album or EP in the near future or singles the focus? BREANA MARIN: Yes! I'm releasing another single or two from my project Songs About Us and then shortly after I'll be releasing the full project. 


TERRANCE: What's your songwriting process? BREANA MARIN: I usually start with chords or a track that inspires me. I turn all the lights to cool colors (like purple or pink), light some incense, and burn some candles. I like to find the melody first and while I'm playing with melodies I try to work out the lyrics (freestyle). 


TERRANCE: You've written for artists such as Brandy, Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole, LeToya Luckett. Who's on your wishlist to write for?

BREANA MARIN: Lately, I've been more interested in creating for myself but if the opportunity presented itself I'd love to write for Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, or Dua Lipa.  


TERRANCE: What advice would you give to aspiring artists who aspire to do what you do?

BREANA MARIN: The best advice I could give is to network and cherish the relationships with creatives who are coming up with you. You never know where someone will go and what they could become. Sometimes the best relationships are the ones you already have. 


TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with your fans, followers, and the readers?

BREANA MARIN: Follow me on IG at @itsbreanamarin and join my community at to stay in touch and up to date :) 

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