Monday, May 17, 2021

Video Premiere: Bradd Marquis - "Eventually"

R&B/Soul crooner Bradd Marquis recently returned with his new EP entitled Love... The 7-track project features the songs "The One You Love", "Always", "Eventually", "No War" and a re-imagined take on B.B. King's classic "The Thrill Is Gone".

RnBJunkieOfficial is excited to premiere the music video for Marquis' latest single "Eventually".

Check out what Bradd Marquis had to say about the song and video:

"The motivation and inspiration for choosing to shoot a video for this song may not be all the sexy, but it is honest; it's one of my favorite songs ever!  'Eventually' is one of the songs on the Love... EP that was written many moons ago. It was written when I first started in this business of music. I was beginning a whole new journey in my life.  

My then-fiance and I separated, so I sold my car, subleased my apartment, quit my job, and moved to NY to pursue this dream. One day this song subconsciously poured out of me. Every time I hear it, it resonates more and more, especially when I think back on who I was when it was written. To me, it's just as powerful now as the day I wrote it.  Eventually, never fit on any of my previous projects, and now that it finally does, there was no way I wasn't shooting a visual for it! 

What's so serendipitous about Eventually is my now wife, recently married, is the person who helped me shoot it, with a bit of help from my 6-year-old son Parker. We hit it, edited it (SOULMAN Music Group, LLC.), and Eric Alvarado did the color correction.  I've always written and produced my videos, but this is the first time I was behind the camera and responsible for the editing.  An indie artist has to wear many hats. I've always produced content for myself, and I've always had a heart and passion for service. Now I'm ready to combine the two and help others create and market content, taking their brands to the next level."

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