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Will Preston Interview: New Single "Of Course I Lied", Upcoming Project, Collaborating with Eric Seats & More

Will Preston returns with his latest release, "Of Course I Lied" available on all digital music and streaming platforms.

Will continues to prove that R&B has a stake in the ever-changing landscape of contemporary music. "Of Course I Lied" is filled with unbridled emotion and is unapologetically soulful with Will's rich vocals leading the way. He masterfully weaves in and out of lush melodies delivering what could be an instant R&B hit.

"Of Course I Lied" serves as the lead single from Will's upcoming project.

Will has also collaborated with multi-award winning record producer Eric Seats (Aaliyah, Pharell, Jay-Z, Lalah Hathway and others) on the single "That Good Love" from Seats' Project Sidiooo Vol. 3 available on digital music platforms.

Will's past projects include It's My Will (2005), Caught In the Act: The Live Experience (2007), #reacquainted (2013) and Where Do I Begin? (2020).

TERRANCE: You released your new single "Of Course I Lied". Congratulations on that. How are you feeling about it?

WILL PRESTON: Thank you so much. I'm feeling great. It feels good to have it out and I'm just excited about the response that it's getting so far. It's wonderful.

TERRANCE: Talk to us about the message behind it and why people should go stream it.

WILL PRESTON: Yes! So, first of all you should go stream it because it's Will Preston and people have been saying, when are you coming out with something else? So here it is. The song is really about a time in love that is a painful time in love. We talk a lot about the great times in love, but there's a reality for some people that's the other side of love. Sometimes you're the one leaving and sometimes you're the one left behind. It can be a painful existence in this particular scenario, it's basically the storyteller saying, I lied. It's one of those things where, you know, apparently he was out here doing his thing and it kinda caught up with him and he's forced with having to explain himself and he's really trying to get out of that moment. 

TERRANCE: There's been some talk of a new project. What can we expect as far as the direction and sound?

WILL PRESTON: Yes. So, I'm working on music now. The goal is to have the project out by the end of the year. I'm looking at September, October time frames. It's going to be more of Will Preston, but I think that with each new release, I think the depth of my artistry becomes more and more revealed. I think that I grow as an artist as time goes on. My material becomes, like I said, more in depth, more intense. The lyrical content might be a little different than what people were used to in the past, but in the end it's gonna be something that you can enjoy, something you can move to and something that I hope they love.

TERRANCE: Your debut album It's My Will turns 18 this year. Can you share your favorite songs?

WILL PRESTON: You know that album, I remain so proud of even today. I just smile thinking back on that project. It was a labor of love. When I think back to some of my favorites, "It's My Will" was the title of the album, but also the title of the song on the project. "Second Chance" is a song that I wrote that I really love. There was a song that a producer that I was working with that I brought in for me to sing called "We Should've Stayed". I remember initially not really wanting to record the song. It wasn't that I didn't like the song, it just didn't feel like it was something that I could sing and kind of relate to, but once I got into that song, I just really, really, really loved it. So, that's one of my favorites. I love all of them, but I would say "Second Chance", "It's My Will", those are the ones that really stand out to me. And "My Love".

TERRANCE: What are your favorite songs from the second album #reaquainted?

WILL PRESTON: Well, I do know what everybody else's favorite is, because my streams tell me everyday and that's "Candy Coated Raindrops". Everybody loves that song and it's so amazing to me that still today that song streams like crazy. My favorite song from the project that I thought would be the standout song was "Painful Times". That was absolutely at the time, my favorite song on that project. But yeah, I love them all but "Painful Times" is probably my favorite.

TERRANCE: How proud are you of your most recent album, Where Do I Begin?

WILL PRESTON: Extremely proud. You know, it was a long time in my career where I could actually just sit back and enjoy a Will Preston release without holding my breath when it got to a certain part. Like, I remember doing this and I should've done this, so it took a long time for me to get to that point. By the time with Where Do I Begin?, I tell you, I can listen to that project so objectively and separate the fact that it's me, and I just really enjoy that project. The song "The End", I feel is one of the greatest songs I've ever written and or recorded. I just love that song and it's like it's not even me singing it. And of course "Never Knew Love" was a nice hit for me and did well in a lot of territories and "Let's Play". So, that was just a good project and I'm excited that it was received well and continues to be received well and I just hope I can continue to carry on where I left off there, but yeah that project was special. 

TERRANCE: How did you hook up with producer Eric Seats for "That Good Love"?

WILL PRESTON: Oh man. Eric Seats is amazing. He and I connected because we both work with a gentleman by the name of Jay Ross. Jay Ross is a promoter out of LA and we were doing separate projects, but working with Jay on these projects and I think Eric may have heard my music and Jay put us in touch and Eric and I just collaborated and had a great, great record with "That Good Love". People don't know that we actually did more than one record and that's the only one that's been released and maybe one day the other will be released. But he is a phenomenal producer and an amazing drummer. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with him. He's worked with some of the best in the industry. He did a lot of work with Aaliyah, of course when she was here, Lalah Hathaway and just so many others. So, it was truly an honor to work with him.

TERRANCE: Are there any talents you possess outside of music or entertainment?

WILL PRESTON: Talents. I like to think I'm a man of many talents. *Laughs*. I don't know, if I'm talking about talents I think that music is a gift that I feel blessed to own. I feel like I'm a Chef as well. I think if someone asked me about extracurricular things that I do well at, I'll probably say cooking and music and probably some other things. 

TERRANCE: Can we expect any special events, performances or appearances?

WILL PRESTON: Yes. So, I'm really focused right now on getting this project out of the way. I am really hoping to get some appearances done sometime towards the end of the year as I start to wrap up this project, but right now it's all about me just in the studio focusing, recording and just getting it done. For me, that's always been the thing, so I try so hard to just stay focused and to get in the studio and to get it knocked out. And the thing is, I have a studio in my home, so I have no excuse to not be getting stuff done and getting output done. But sometimes I get so busy and things take me away from the music side, so I just have to really force myself to be in the mode of completing a project. So, I'm really in that mode now. I'm many songs in and don't have many left and I'm just ready for the journey. It's really hard to think about touring and shows and those types of things when I'm in the actual recording mode.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with fans, followers and the readers?

WILL PRESTON: Yeah. I would say thank you for continuing to be on this journey with me. It's been a wonderful ride. I think that every time I release a new project, more and more people discover me, but even more so the people that have been with me since the very beginning are just right there and they're so supportive and they continue to send me messages and reach out to me and that just means so much to me. It means a lot to know my music has connected and resonated with so many people. It really is honestly amazing a lot of times to sit back and look at it, because I don't think about it in that way. I just record music and release it and the second part of that is realizing, hey, there's people out here who really have been waiting and loving this and that's just the icing on the cake.

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