Friday, November 27, 2015

All-4-One Interview

My interview with Grammy-Award winning group, All-4-One. With 20 years in the business All-4-One is back with their seventh album, Twenty+ which commemorate their years in the business. Twenty+ is in stores now. Here I am with members Delious and Jamie to discuss the past, present and future of All-4-One…
Terrance - Tell us about your latest album, Twenty+. What was the experience like recording this particular album?
Delious - The Twenty+ CD took a couple of years to make and perfect, overall, the experience was easy, but we really took our time in finding what we thought were the perfect songs to sum up our 20+ year history.
Terrance - You guys worked with two of the most underrated female voices in the industry Shanice Wilson and Debelah Morgan on the track, “Go to Bed” from the Twenty+ album. How did that come about?
Delious - Shanice and Debelah are friends of ours, Jamie had cut that song on Shanice and Debelah for a reality show that never came about. While we were recording, it dawned on us that that song would make a perfect R&B smash, due to the subject matter that most relationships have.
Terrance - What are your personal favorites from Twenty+?
Delious - all of them really but…Now that we’re together, Who Do You Love, Chariots, Baby Love :
Jamie - Now That We’re Together, Chariots, Lose It, Smile.
Terrance - What are your individual roles within the group?
Jamie - Lead vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer
Delious - Lead vocalist, songwriter, producer, photographer
Terrance - Groups are making strides to come back, but you guys never left. What do you think caused the groups decline by the early 2000’s?
Delious - The group decline is a mystery to me, I can’t figure out what happened and why it’s taking so long to get groups back on the radio.
Terrance - What was All-4-One’s key in staying together in spite of creative differences you all may have faced along the way?
Delious - We are a tight nit group, and we’ve always said we wanted to be like the Temptations and groups that came before us, so as long as we stay together through the tough times, the light will shine again. Also a love for each other keeps us together.
Terrance - Who are some of your favorite artists today you listen to?
Delious - Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, Beyonce, Taylor Swift
Jamie - Imagine Dragons, Tori Kelly, John Legend, Beyonce, King, Ed Sheeran
Terrance - What are your thoughts on the current state of music?
Delious - I can’t even deal with it lol! My biggest problem is most of the artists all sound the same, If I can’t read the title card, I don’t know if it’s Elie Goulding, Demi Lovato, 5th Harmony etc… They all sound the same vocally.
Jamie - My biggest thought is artists are not being as creative as they used to be, I believe its because the labels are more interested in having them sound like another popular artist rather than to develop their individual sound and style.
Terrance - It’s been said that the song “My Child” helps heals situations and speaks to you. What was the inspiration behind this song?
Delious - This song started with a track that Jamie had given me, from there the lyrics came from what seemed out of nowhere, when I write, I usually pull from social situations, news stories or personal situations. I believe I had seen something about a father not being allowed to be in his child’s life and the writing started from there. That song has touched a lot of men and women who relate to the subject matter.
Terrance - If you were to introduce All-4-One to random people who may not be familiar with your work, what would be the top 5 songs they should start with?
Delious - I Swear, I Can Love You Like That, So Much In Love, These Arms, Beautiful as U.
Jamie - I Swear, I Can Love You Like That, So Much In Love, (She’s Got) Skillz, Someday (Hunchback Of Notre Dame)
Terrance - Not many may be aware that you all recorded “I Turn to You” before Christina Aguilera. What are your thoughts on her version?
Delious - Her version is great, I just wish Atlantic had released our version from Space Jam, but they had already sold 10 million and didn’t think they would sell much more, so they scrapped the rest of the CD.
Terrance - Is it a challenge to be hip with current sounds but also hold on to the classic All-4-One sound everyone fell in love with?
Delious - It’s a little bit of a struggle, to balance what the fans know from us versus the growth that we want to achieve as artists, but I think we did it pretty well.
Jamie - Not for me. I’ve always made music that I love first, so that anyone who hears it, would know that It’s from my heart. As far as production, Since that’s what I do all the time, I always have my ear to the current sounds and I incorporate a little of that into the sounds that I like.
Terrance - Who are some artists or groups who inspired you all growing up?
Delious - Jackson 5, O’jays, New Edition, Five Star, Olivia Newton John, Patti Labelle, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross.
Jamie - Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Prince, DeBarge, Michael Jackson, Anita Baker.
Terrance - “I Swear” was a monster hit in more than 20 Countries across the world. Where were you all when you first heard it on the radio and what were your reactions?
Delious - I believe we were in a van in Seattle doing a radio promotion.
Jamie - It was actually the Atlantic Records Seattle Promotional Guy’s Station Wagon.
Terrance - You’ve collaborated with Legendary producer David Foster on several songs in your career. What was it like working with him?
Delious - It was a thrill for us as new artists to be working with someone who is legendary and has produced so many major hits in his career.
Terrance - Over the years, you all have had a tremendous amount of experience in the business. What advice would you give your younger selves?
Delious - I think I would tell my younger self to live in the moment more. It all happened so quick, I was afraid to celebrate and enjoy the moment.
Jamie - I agree with D, and I would also tell my younger self to learn the business side of the business a lot more.
Terrance - Where can you be reached in social media?
Delious - From there you can get to our Facebook, instagram, twitter etc…
Terrance - Any upcoming shows you’re on or lined-up for?
Delious - Tour dates at our website.

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