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Vivian Green Interview

My interview with R&B singer Vivian Green. Be sure to check out Vivian's new album, Vivid, in stores now!

Terrance: Hello Vivian Green. How are you?

Vivian Green: I'm tired lol...but great!

Terrance: First, I would like to Congratulate you on becoming Kwame's first artist on his newly developed label Make Noise. How are you guys loving the experience thus far?

Vivian Green: Kwam is cool guy and so far so good.

Terrance: Your fifth album, Vivid, is out now. Tell us what was it like recording this particular album?

Vivian Green: In the beginning it was rocky, but once we found our rhythm it was smooth sailing from there. We are very different creatively and had to find that common ground.

Terrance: Your son Jordan contributes to Vivid's album opener with "Jordan's Intro". It's obvious he has musical abilities. What advice would you give if he wanted to follow in his mother's footsteps as an artist?

Vivian Green: Yes he's a fantastic drummer! Advice? lol.....I probably wouldn't support that lmbo! We shall see lol

Terrance: You worked with Raheem Devaughn on the track, "All I Want Is You" on the new album. What was that experience like?

Vivian Green: Raheem is a good guy and he's cool with Kwam and I both, so it was an easy thing. It was all done via song was initially only me, but after Kwam and I listened we decided it should be a duet. We scratched the 2nd verse and part of the bridge to allow Raheem to write his own parts; sent it to him, and he sent it back. It was all done via protools and MP3 files lol. Pretty cool huh?

Terrance: I remember you saying you wanted a change for the new album. It has a more upbeat funky edge to it with tracks like, "Work", "123", "Get Right Back to My Baby" and "Leave It All Behind". What do you want fans old and new to take away from your new material?

Vivian Green: This music is empowering, fun, sexy, grown, soulful and sassy. I talk about everything good and bad, but the underlined message is always empowerment. The title also describes it very well which is why we chose Vivid; the album is full of life and energy. I want people to move on from previous sad or angry material. I am all grown up writing from the perspective of a woman now. Fans can always refer to my older albums if need be. I haven't been sad or angry in over a decade that's just not who or what I am.

Terrance: "Disrespectful" has been described as an emotional song. Not to all, but to some you're labeled as an emotional, mad type girl. How do you feel about being labeled something you definitely do not exude right now?

Vivian Green: I haven't exuded that in over ten years lol...Yes I wrote songs about being sad or angry but I was growing up and sharing. I shared my entire first love experience on my first album and wrote most of that album before I was 21 years old. I was an emotional GIRL. Now I'm a woman with some sense and wisdom lol....

Disrespectful is not emotional at all. It's quite the opposite. Strange someone would see it that way. It is about a woman who isn't interested in being in love, and she's asking the guy to just respect that. I imagined the character in the song as a very successful woman with a lot going on who hasn't had a serious relationship in a minute. Perhaps she's divorced and enjoys the freedom of being alone; she just isn't ready for love. The "friend" she speaks about in the song is a reeeally good guy who wants more and she's asking him to please respect that she doesn't....not yet anyway. wink emoticon

Terrance: What can we expect the next single to be?

Vivian Green: Get Right Back to my Baby is #8 on the Billboard RnB charts right now, so our focus is to continue moving up the chart. We're still very dedicated to taking this song as far as it can go. We don't know what the next one will be yet.

Terrance: You've performed a lot of songs throughout your career, but like so many other artists there's a particular song they get tired of performing but have to because they know fans want to hear it. What's yours and why?

Vivian Green: I don't have one. I love to sing live so I never mind singing any past material. I still do the sad and angry songs(lol) in my show OF COURSE, and I get to talk to people about them and how they were created. I get to preach a little to people who may still be in a bad place with love. My show takes you many places and the older songs are part of the journey.

Terrance: When you first came on the scene people and the music industry labeled you as a Neo-Soul artist. How did you feel about that?

Vivian Green: I have never considered myself a neo-soul artist, though others have. My music is RnB/soul and sometimes RnB/pop(Vivian and Beautiful albums). In my opinion neo-soul is a very specific sound that more often than not has strong social messages and lots of creative language; the writing is clever and poetic. There are neo-soul artists I love to death, so it's absolutely NO DISS to the genre AT ALL. I just don't think I fit into it.

Terrance: We often hear artists say because due to business deals not going as planned, lack of support or whatever the case may be they are retiring from music. What's your motivation to keep pushing in such a tough business?

Vivian Green: Really??? I'm not aware of artists retiring. I need to get out I'm blessed to have a career that spans 12 years and Vivid is my 5th album. I've had ups and downs but I've never had to do anything else but music. I write my own songs and I get paid to perform live. Again I'm blessed. While itunes basically killed the record store and changed the sales game COMPLETELY, it also has made it possible for artists to survive and thrive without a huge label. You can be an indie RnB artist with no life on the radio at all, but still have a career and do great business on the road and of course sell your music online. This business isn't for everyone because it izz a constant hustle, but I'm not complaining. I choose to always see the glass half full.

Terrance: What was the inspiration behind your 3rd project, "Beautiful". What was your reaction to fans feedback?

Vivian Green: I wrote a lot of Beautiful with my baby brother Solomon who's a dope emcee and lyricist, and it was produced by my friend Anthony Bell. I personally love that album. I started writing big pop ballads at the piano when I was just 11 years old. Mariah Carey was a HUGE inspiration when discovering my songwriting ability. So on Beautiful I was going back to my songwriting roots on many of the tracks. People who boxed me as a neo-soul artist definitely didn't like it, but my more open minded fans who really understand who I am as an artist appreciated it. All that said, I think Beautiful was not a good single choice at all. Perhaps the album would've had a better chance if another song was chosen to go to radio.

Terrance: What are your thoughts on the current state of R&B?

Vivian Green: Alive and well. People need to stop looking for it in the wrong places. This summer alone Tyrese, Tamia, Raheem DeVaughn, Jill Scott, Teedra Moses, Kenny Latimore , Avant and myself have all released new music. R&B isn't dead AT ALL, but the fans need to support R&B more and BUY IT. I'm guilty as well because I'll sometimes go to youtube to listen to music when I can just buy it....smh....we all have to do better But R&B is ALIVE! My bad if I forgot anyone else who released music this summer.

Terrance: Would you ever consider Reality TV if offered?

Vivian Green: No.

Terrance: What was it like singing back-up for Jill Scott?

Vivian Green: Fun!

Terrance: Who are some of your musical influences?

Vivian Green: Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the Motown Sound, George Michael, Babyface, Toni Braxton,Carole King and I could go on and on.....

Terrance: What is your favorite song you've ever recorded and why? 

Vivian Green: I have a hard time choosing #1's honestly.

Terrance: Who are some artists you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Vivian Green: Stevie Wonder

Terrance: Who are your current favorite artists?

Vivian Green: I'm reeeally appreciating Jidenna for being a POSITIVE IMAGE to these kids. He's someone my son and I can listen to. My son is not allowed to watch videos but he can watch an artist he's just a breath of fresh air. I also love Ed Sheeran for his songwriting ability and voice. Avery Sunshine can sing her face off and I love how she came into R&B and slayed YAS!

Terrance: Any upcoming tour dates?

Vivian Green: I've been on the road the last 2 months promoting Vivid. It's been a mix of promotional appearances, radio visits, press and of course shows. Last night I was in Washington D.C. and it was an amazing audience at the Howard Theater. People can follow me on social media for the schedule which is always changing.

Terrance: Where can fans reach you in social media?

Vivian Green: @iamviviangreen across the board.

Terrance: Thank you, Vivian Green and I look forward to much more from you.

Vivian Green: Thank you! Much Love!

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