Thursday, March 24, 2016

RES Interview

My interview with RES who is an indie female artist from Philly known for her blend of Soul, Rock and Indie Pop. In 2001 she released her debut album, How I Do, which spawned the hit, “They-Say Vision”, plus “Golden Boys” and “Sittin Back”. Since then she’s been rebuilding her career and brand DIY-Style on her own terms...

Terrance - Tell us how much you’ve evolved as an artist since your first album?

Res - That’s a tough question off top, I don't really keep tabs on myself or growth in that way. I’m not sure how much I have changed. I feel like I sound like me, I look like me but I'm sure my songwriting has developed more and I think I am more open to the idea of doing house music and I want to start a lifestyle blog that reflects my lifestyle at a worldly young black woman who is a creative, living in Los Angeles at this time. I think I have evolved because I am more open to showing more sides of myself. Before I only wanted people to know about my music and nothing of who I really am.

Terrance - When you first came on the scene you were characterized as Neo‐Soul. What’s your take on that?

Res - Yes I was very much so characterized with the Neo Soul label, and I thought it was not appropriate but I knew at the time that when I signed my deal and released How I Do that it was a product and it needed a name or a category in order for it to be sold. I would have preferred to be characterized as alternative or alternative R&B.
Terrance - You’re part of a campaign called Indiegogo. What’s that about?

Res - Well, for the last few years I have been wanting to release music. I have completed a couple albums and a slew of songs by all sorts of producers and even making my own beats on Garage Band. I had a couple of deals that just didn’t work out. And so I decided to do a crowdfunding campaign thru Indiegogo to gather my fans and raise 35K to complete and properly pay the producers for their work and to have money to market the music.

Terrance - Where did you get inspiration from your latest single “Hollow”?

Res - I honestly don't remember my inspiration for that song at the moment but I can tell you that the video concept is pretty intense and a lil dangerous. The video will shine a light on the homeless in downtown Los Angeles.

Terrance - There’s a new album coming soon called RESET. What inspired that title?

Res - At first, the title was a play on my name but then as time went on it became an overall theme for my life and society, I live in. This time around I am and have had to reset my mindset. I had to approach everything from an indie artist point of view. And I had to deal with being treated as such.

Terrance - It’s interesting you mention that, so far what has the journey been like being an independent artist compared being a major label artist?

Res - The journey has been very tough this time around as an indie artist and I am very much looking for ways to make things happen on such a small scale. But there are some highlights, it is a blessing to choose the music for folks to hear. It’s great to be able to decide what song I am doing a video for.

Terrance - How has social media helped you as an independent musician? Are there any challenges?

Res - Social media has helped me get a quick reaction to music that I release from the people I want to impress, my fans. The challenge is that it is severely distracting me from making music and other art.

Terrance - And while we’re on the subject of social media what are your thoughts on artists beefing online?

Res - It seems like beefing online is part of some artists marketing plan. I don’t think much about it unless it’s someone I care about and even then with them, it gets old...quick.

Terrance - What artist are you currently listening to?

Res - I'm feeling Bibi Bourelly... alot!!!!!!!!Her songwriting and voice and delivery is above anyone's I have heard in the last 2 years.

Terrance - If you could name five RES songs people should know what would they be?

Res - Ice King, 700 Mile Situation, You Don't Know Me, Life Is Strange... both previously not released but are ​part​ of my new album RESET, For Who You Are co-produced by myself and the living legend and amazing guitarists,WahWah Watson.

Terrance - How important is performing on stage to you?

Res - Performing live is the way I truly make a living, so it’s pretty important and it is the most fun thing for me to do besides going to a bomb new upscale restaurant or hanging out with my family.

Terrance - Are there any upcoming shows or appearances?

Res - I am living in Los Angeles and I perform, pretty often with House of Vibe Allstars most Wednesdays night in Santa Monica at a spot called Harvelles.

Terrance - Lastly what’s the one thing you hope fans get out of the new upcoming album, RESET?

Res - I hope this album becomes a 2nd cult classic for them. I hope people listen to it together, feel great about putting their friends on to something amazing but not commercial.

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