Monday, March 20, 2017

MAJOR. Interview: Early Beginnings, Debut Album, "Why I Love You" and more...

My interview with MAJOR. who rose up the airwaves with the piano-led ballad, “Why I Love You”, with a distinguishable and sophisticated vocal talent and presence that combines the past with the potent of the presence.
Terrance - Walk me through your earliest beginnings of when you wanted to share your gift to the world.

MAJOR. - I was three years old when I told my mother I wanted to be a famous singer. She took my word for it and put me in music lessons immediately. My first solo was at five years old with the men's choir at church.

Terrance - From idea to execution: Explain your creative process.

MAJOR. - my creative process varies on the moment and season I'm in. Often an event or moment will inspire a melody and lyrics generally come simultaneously. If it strikes me strong enough, I'm off to the studio to finish recording the idea.

Terrance - How do you balance musicianship and marketability?

MAJOR. - Truth wins. I've found being me has always been the most attractive versus trying to be what I see others doing. People believe truth and truth carries power. Trust your truth and it'll market to the audience in need of what you bring.

Terrance - Getting into your debut album, i am MAJOR, share with us what the response has been like since it’s release.

MAJOR. - "i am MAJOR." is the initial conversation I've been wanting to have with the world. It's a conversation of love, hope, power, & truth all laced in dope melodies & vibes. The people seem to dig it and I'm hyped about it.

Terrance - Initially did you think “Why I Love You” would make the strong impact it has been gaining?

MAJOR. - I believe in myself heavily and felt whenever I was given the opportunity The World would take notice & love what I'm bringing. "Why I Love You" has done just that...and we're just getting started! I'm grateful for every bit of it.

Terrance - From a vocal performance and songwriting standpoint, what was your favorite song to write and record on the album and why?

MAJOR. - My Future was that one for me... it takes you one a ride like no other then flips into the trap breakdown. Crazy. I love doing that live. We get the entire audience body rockin' with me!

Terrance - A lot of people say R&B is a far cry from what it used to be as far as style, content and lyrics, do you agree with that statement?

MAJOR. - I'm inspired by R&B from the earliest days. Sam Cooke all the way to Stevie. That music said a lot and spoke to the condition of the times. I can only speak for myself and say I'm gonna be true to what I've learned will last. I gotta heal the land.

Terrance - Is there a particular artist you hope to collaborate with in the near future?

MAJOR. - Andre 3000, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Beyoncé, John Mayer, Chance the Rapper, Adele... so many more. I love collaboration. There's power in numbers!

Terrance - Outside of music what do you do to relax?

MAJOR. - Sleep, Get massages, or Eat. However, at this time I can do too much eating cause I'm working on a 6pack for these upcoming tour adventures you dig?! [laughs].

Terrance - Tell me about your upcoming events or special appearances you have scheduled.

MAJOR. - I have a couple tv appearances on BET & TVOne coming up as well as tour dates across the country. Be sure to check my official website for updates.

Terrance - And lastly where can the readers reach out to you in social media?

MAJOR. - @nowthatsMAJOR everywhere socially! FYI: MAJOR. is my real name.

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