Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Faith Evans Interview: The King and I, Biggie's Legacy and more...

My interview with First Lady of R&B the incomparable Faith Evans who recently released her first ever collaborative project with the late great Notorious B.I.G.

Terrance - When did you realize things were happening for you as a singer vs. writer?

Faith Evans - Actually, songwriting was something that I realized I was good at as a teenager, but I had been singing since I could talk. I used to write and help friends arrange songs as a hobby, moreso. At the time I got my deal, Puff was working on other projects, so he had me take part in the writing on those projects before I started recording my debut album. I wasn't necessarily a writer in the industry and switched to being an artist.

Terrance - Interesting. So bring me to date with your collaborative project The King & I with The Notorious B.I.G.

Faith Evans - It was probably the most fun I’ve had recording a project. Mainly because it was a thought that I'd had years ago, and it actually came to fruition with my original intent and passion. From the first session, to the very end, it felt good creating this artistic expression of our love.

Terrance - Were there any features or producers you wanted to work with on the project you didn’t get a chance to?

Faith Evans - Well, I'm very happy with who is on the album. For the most part, it's comprised of people who worked with either Big or Myself during that time, or those who understood what I wanted to do conceptually and creatively.

Terrance - Balancing the Hip Hop and R&B so that it appeals to both your fans and Biggie’s, how did that work?

Faith Evans - Most of our fans, collectively, appreciate what we each have to offer, and I feel that this album is a continuation of the meld of both genres that was born in that Era. His flow transcends time, in my opinion, and so it was easy to create current and classic records around his vocals.

Terrance - What was it like working with Lil’ Kim on the track “Lovin’ You for Life”?

Faith Evans - We didn't get a chance to record together, but we discussed doing the record while we were on the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. Because of scheduling, we couldn't get in the lab together. When I heard what she'd done with the song, I knew that we had something special. It's a great record! And she did it, only the way Lil' Kim can.

Terrance - Got you. The singles “When We Party” and “NYC” are making a buzz, any word on what the proposed third single will be?

Faith Evans - There’s also #TenWifeCommandments, which you receive with pre-order. But the next single is ‘Legacy’ which was co-produced by Stevie J.

Terrance - And speaking of legacy, what’s the one thing you hope listeners take from their experience with this project?

Faith Evans - I want listeners to experience this project in their own way. It's my creative expression of the love that we shared. I hope that they take his message of grinding with what you have, and fulfilling your dreams. He lived life with passion, and his lyrics and legacy live on as a testament to that.

Terrance - When looking over your own career is there a particular song or songs you felt should have been singles?

Faith Evans - I honestly love "Where We Stand" on my Faithfully album.

Terrance - Because you do amazing jobs with tributes would you ever consider a covers album of your favorite songs by other artists?

Faith Evans - Yes! [Laughs]. There are a lot of ideas, musically, that I look forward to working on.

Terrance - And lastly, given’ your history and success with R&B Divas, can we expect your return to producing more reality shows in the near future?

Faith Evans - I'm always pitching shows, and taking meetings concerning content and new projects. I'll definitely be continuing to wear my 'EP’ hat. :-) As long as it makes sense with everything else going on in my life.

Ten Wife Commandments [Audio]

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  1. Apparently, I've been under a rock because I had no idea about the new project 'til now & I looove Faith. And B.I.G. is all up & through the record!?!?!!! Destined to be a classic collabo.