Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Antoine JaQuard Interview: Emerging Artist | New Single "Crazy Love" | Upcoming Live Show

Rising independent recording artist Antoine JaQuard released his new single this year entitled, “Crazy Love” where he discuss how the song came together and it’s meaning. Antoine also share details about his upcoming show here in Atlanta that you don’t want to miss.

Terrance: At what age did you realize you were ready to share your gift of music to the world?

Antoine JaQuard: Oh man, I was literally about four (laughs)! My mom, who was a jazz singer, says she always knew I'd be musical because I was moving in rhythm in the womb. The moment she heard real potential in my singing (which was around three, imagine that lol) she started putting me on little stage productions that the local college, Hampton University, would put on. There was ALWAYS music around me. I knew from my earliest memories this was what I was meant to be doing.
Terrance: Awesome. Who were your musical influencers coming along?

Antoine JaQuard: Interesting thing about me, I actually don't tell people my musical influences (laughs)! I like for people to kind of decide that for themselves. Some of the things I hear are very interesting. Annnnnd I like to think it keeps a certain mystique about me (laughs). BUT since you're so cool I will say that one of my all time favorite influences is the inimitable Nina Simone. She taught me so much. I still get chills listening to her sometimes.
Terrance: How would you best describe your sound to first time listeners?

Antoine JaQuard: Rock-N-Soul! On a foundational level my music borrows heavily from three different genres; Rock, Electronic and Pop/R&B. That's actually four. I promise I can count (laughs). But yeah, Rock-N-Soul is how I describe myself.
Terrance: Musically who would you consider your target audience?  

Antoine JaQuard: Generally the music is targeted towards the young adult audience. Mainstream so to speak. And I won't lie and say that a lot of the music I'm working on doesn't intentionally keep that in mind. However, I sing for anyone who wants to listen and can find something they can relate in my music and story.
Terrance: What is the industry lacking today you think your brand of music can fulfill?

Antoine JaQuard: Hmmm you know what? I wouldn't say that anything is lacking necessarily. People are getting what they need musically from what is out now. It would appear there is a lot out there. But I also know that there are people out there who need what I have to offer as well. What I hope to fulfill with people is realness. What you see is what you get with me. No pretensions. I want to fill people's spirits. This is my "ministry" and I'm going out and singing about all the things that speak to the hearts of people. Love, relationships, breakups, feeling good, feeling not so great, just the whole range of the human experience. We're all in this together.

Terrance: Speaking of love. Talk about the meaning behind your current single “Crazy Love”.
*Release Date Change* #CrazyLove will now be released on Friday July 21st, 2017! Sorry for the delay but I believe it'll be worth it 😎. #applemusic #spotify #itunes #music #newmusic #tidal #amazon #singer #singersongwriter #pop #newsingle #newrelease #newartist #rocknsoul #rock #soul #nashville #support #indie #indieartist #performer #thankyou
Antoine JaQuard: Okay I promise I'm going to answer this directly, but let me take the long way around (laughs). “Crazy Love”, in it's original (and unheard) form was actually written about 3 years ago. And then I just kind of sat on it for various reasons (That whole story is in my forthcoming book. Just kidding I have no book, but it's enough drama to be one lol!). Long story short I moved to Atlanta and ended up reconnecting with a good friend of mine who lived in Nashville named Stephen Puckett. I sent him the idea I had for “Crazy Love”. He passed it along to a few other guys (Austin Heller and Jake Neumar who co-wrote and co-produced) and they took it in a whole new direction which was completely different. We re-wrote the song in about 20 minutes tops. We wanted this song to reflect what just about everyone goes through in relationships because love can be crazy as hell sometimes. The yin/yang kind of thing was intentionally put in there to reflect the balance of relationships and the different characteristics each person brings to it. “Crazy Love” at it's core is saying "I love you and neither one of us are perfect but we are perfect for each other".
#atlanta come get #lifted with us on November 1st at @smithsoldebar ! Link for tickets is in my bio. You don’t wanna miss it! #concert #indie #indieartist #indiemusic #rocknsoul #pop #soul #livemusicTerrance: Got it. So what can we expect from your upcoming live show?

Antoine JaQuard: Anyone who comes can come ready to get lifted! We are all there to have a good time. I'm doing some currently unreleased material (one of which will be my next single!). I'm also doing a little tribute to the legendary Tom Petty who passed not long ago. It's going to really be a great night and I promise no one will regret coming.
Terrance: Where can the readers reach out and follow you?

Antoine JaQuard: Please come join me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram at @worldofantoine! My own personal website is www.worldofantoine.com and you can join the email list to stay updated with what's going on with me. Feel free to say hello. I love talking with everyone.
Terrance: Are there any final words you would like to tell your fans and the people who are reading this interview?

Antoine JaQuard: Wait....I got fans?! (laughs), no but I want to just say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I so appreciate it. Thank you to anyone reading who takes an interest in my madness...I mean music ;). I look forward to taking this journey with you. Most importantly though take care of yourselves, and take  care of each other!

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  1. Wow! How refreshing is this artist AJ and his sound. I absolutely love love love his Crazy Love single. I'm definitely one of those fans!