Thursday, November 12, 2020

Vivian Green Interview: New Album "Love Absolute", Collaborating with Ghostface Killah & More

Philly-born Singer, songwriter and pianist Vivian Green has released her seventh studio album Love Absolute globally via The Sono Recordings Group/Make Noise Recordings. The album features the Ghostface Killah-assisted lead single "Light Up" (Listen HERE), followed by "You Send Me" & "Where You Are". In our exclusive interview, Vivian Green detailed us about Love Absolute.


TERRANCE: First, congratulations on the release of your new album Love Absolute. How does it feel to get new music out to the public?
VIVIAN GREEN: Thank you! It's the seventh time around, so I'm happy I can say I've been here 18 years and seven albums.
TERRANCE: Talk about the inspiration behind the album's title.
VIVIAN GREEN: Love Absolute encompasses a variety of things that I love. I love to write songs at the piano and made a point to make 75% of the album this way. I love jazz tremendously and recorded "Harlem Blues", one of my very favorite songs that I've wanted to cover for years now. I love my people so I wrote about the largest forced migration in history that spread us out to many different places in the Americas. I love my love and I love myself. All of this is expressed in Love Absolute.
TERRANCE: What did you appreciate about each artist featured on the album?
VIVIAN GREEN: As we all know Ghostface Killah is part of the legendary Wu Tang Clan and a dope artist in his own right. Needless to say I'm TOTALLY a fan. I'm grateful for the feature and appreciate how very genuine, sweet and supportive he was throughout the entire process. Mike Phillips' gift is just a monster. Even if you don't care for jazz, his performance on "Harlem Blues" will completely wow you. I'm grateful he was able to bless the album with an incredible incomparable performance.
TERRANCE: You've recently released the singles "You Send Me" & "Where You Are". Can we expect visuals for those anytime soon? 
VIVIAN GREEN: That is the plan. I hope we can get them done by January.
TERRANCE: What was the easiest song to record and the most difficult? 
VIVIAN GREEN: I don't know how to answer that. I don't think any of the songs fall into either category because I heavily scrutinize each song until it's as perfect as I think it can be. I give them all a hard time (laughs).
TERRANCE: If there's one song on the album that resonates with your current state of mind, what would it be?
VIVIAN GREEN: I can't say there's one song that represents my current state of mind, but I will say "Love Song" , "Sweet Home" and "You Send Me" absolutely reflect my love life.
TERRANCE: As an artist, how did the pandemic prepare you to get creative? 
VIVIAN GREEN: Well, Kwame and I started the album before the pandemic, so it was great because it allowed us to finish with no distractions. I was able to focus most of my time on it's completion. I'm grateful that my family hasn't been adversely affected by the virus, and I'm always praying for those who have been affected.
TERRANCE: This year marked the 15th Anniversary of your sophomore album Vivian. What was it like getting that second chance, because many often do not in your industry.
VIVIAN GREEN: I didn't even know that (laughs). I never think about the Anniversaries of my albums. I can honestly say I knew I would get a second album and that's simply because my first album made the label some money (laughs). But getting a second chance to set misconceptions straight was EXTREMELY important to me. My first album wasn't a good representation of who I am as an artist. Much of the sound and all of the imaging were influenced by trends and I didn't speak up about it. Many people didn't like Vivian because it wasn't like the first, but that was okay because I have to be myself above all else and present myself authentically. Now the 3rd album Beautiful was the one I didn't think I'd get the chance to make (laughs). I'm glad I had a 3rd and grateful I have a 7th.
TERRANCE: Are there any personal favorites from the Vivian album?

VIVIAN GREEN: Sure "Under My Skin", "Sweet Memory", "Mad", "Frustrated" and "Cursed". 
TERRANCE: Besides the new music, what can we expect in the near future? 
VIVIAN GREEN: Well, right now it's definitely about Love Absolute. I am working on something else, but I don't like to speak too soon.

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  1. An absolute fan of hers. I’ve heard her mention her first album a lot, and it not representing her sound. That album made me fall in love with her sound and voice. With each album I see growth I think all of her music is cohesive and consistent. Now as for Love Absolute, I did one listen and found the gems I usually find when listening to her music. I’ll give it a few more spins. Definitely not a bad album I’m searching for the Vivian, Beautiful, The Green Room, and Vivid ballads.