Tuesday, August 10, 2021

New Music: Sparkle Shares Single & Visual for "Open Letter"

Sparkle's "Open Letter"
 from the soon to be released Obstacle Course EP, takes both her and listeners into an uncharted territory. Many witnessed Advocate, Singer-Songwriter Sparkle unyielding strength when speaking on behalf of a family member (allegedly) abused by her ex-mentor R. Kelly. Many also know the results of Sparkle's stance and outspokenness has cost her immeasurably with the lack of relationship(s) with the once upon a time close-knit family. In her latest single 'Open Letter' and in true fashion, Sparkle continues to display the resilience we're accustomed to seeing and now speaks directly to the betrayals from lack of support from the family she's tirelessly spoken out to protect.

Coming off the momentum of a well-received single titled 'Easy' (from the upcoming 'Obstacle Course' EP), 'Open Letter' pushes the envelope and shows Sparkle in a very different light. 'Open Letter' displays Sparkle's strength, but vulnerability and optimism makes a momentary appearance in the chorus of the track as she sings, "This is an open letter, a personal vendetta, it's all in love, I'm hoping one day it'll make us better".

All in all, Sparkle's strength prevails in "Open Letter'. Ultimately, the song sets an impression that she'd be fine with whatever may or may not happen as a result of her family hearing her inner thoughts of their betrayal. After all, there's not much more to lose in regards to a relationship. Sparkle does note in the song, "I'm not living with regret, but it's heavy on my chest... Time to let it go." and that's what this song appears to be, a release of legitimate frustrations brought on by the ones she’s loved and sacrificed most for, her family.

Sparkle's 'Open Letter' is extremely insightful. The single candidly gives listeners what Sparkle truly feels regarding her family and what they should anticipate from her upcoming 'Obstacle Course' EP. A turn-by-turn journey of her life.. The 'Obstacle Course'!

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