Monday, September 13, 2021

New Music: Chaka Khan - When the Time Comes (from "Everybody's Talking About Jamie" Soundtrack)

The Legendary Chaka Khan lends her voice to the original song "When the Time Comes".

Written by Khan, Tom MacRae & Dan Gillespie Sells and produced by Troy Miller, the groovy track appears on the motion picture soundtrack to Everybody's Talking About Jamie.

About the collaboration, co-writer Dan Gillespie Sells says:

"We decided that in order to complete the soundtrack for the movie, we needed an icon. We were already delighted with how multi-generational and varied the soundtrack was, including artists that chimed with the LGBTQ+ community and with Jamie's story. But the only thing missing was a true legend that unites everyone in joy! When Chaka agreed to record this song for us we were over the moon and it ends our movie with real class!"

Everybody's Talking About Jamie arrives on Amazon Prime Video on September 17th.

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