Monday, October 25, 2021

Jay Lyriq Interview: Award-winning Artist talks New Single "She Different", Influences & More

Jay Lyriq is an Award-winning vocalist and Award-winning songwriter.

Jay Lyriq along with T Pain appeared and performed on The Jay Leno Show, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, 50th & 51st Grammy Award Shows, The 2006 London MOBO Awards, BET's 106 & Park and the BET Awards.

Jay Lyriq's vocals proceeded to be featured on T-Pain's Epiphany & Three Ringz, along with co-writing accreditation for songs entitled, "Tallahassee Love", "69", "Tipsy" and "Reality Show." As Jay Lyriq's talent progressed he co-wrote and performed movie featured song, "In the Club" for the movie "Step Up 2". Jay Lyriq has teamed up with T-Pain co-writing the new single "Up Down".

Jay Lyriq has worked with several Platinum producers including Jim Johnson, Dave "Preach" Balfor, T Pain, Jimi Kendrick and Don Destin just to name a few. Jay Lyriq has also worked with several major artists such as Musiq Soulchild , Raheem DeVaughn, Sammie, Yung Joc, T Pain, MYA, Trey Songs, Tay Dizm, Sophia Fresh, Flo Rida, Chilli (TLC) and Don Dinero, just to name a few. Jay Lyriq looks forward to working with different artists in the near future.

The new Jay Lyriq single "She Different" is available on all digital platforms.

TERRANCE: In three words describe yourself. 

JAY LYRIQ: Misunderstood, hardworking, Loyal.

TERRANCE: Tell us where you're from and when you realized music was your calling. 

JAY LYRIQ: I’m from Tallahassee, Florida. I knew music was my calling at a young age. 7 or 8, growing up in the church.

TERRANCE: Who were your greatest musical influences coming along?

JAY LYRIQ: Sam Cooke was always playing growing up. He’s my favorite solo artist. Boyz to Men, Jodeci, Usher, Jagged Edge.

TERRANCE: Introduce us to your new single "She Different" and what inspired it.

JAY LYRIQ: "She Different" is definitely different for me. It’s not normal R&B. I don’t know to explain it besides it just felt right. I definitely think it’s today and the ladies will love it.

TERRANCE: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your work?

JAY LYRIQ: Seeing the reaction from fans, old and new. Getting a message saying this helped me get through a tough time or I can relate to this. That’s the most rewarding part.

TERRANCE: Everyone have their definition of what success is. How would you define it?

JAY LYRIQ: Being obedient to your calling. To me it’s not defined by material things (even though it’s nice). For me, your following your calling. You’re living it. No matter how hard or how long the road, you being true to you and that’s success. People go their entire lives not knowing their purpose. Living yours is success in my eyes.

TERRANCE: Thus far, what has been your proudest career moment or one that has stood out?

JAY LYRIQ: I would say finally starting to get noticed for previous works. I’ve been at this for a minute and it’s always good to be acknowledged for work you’ve done.

TERRANCE: Speaking of. You recently received a Platinum plaque from the RIAA for your contribution to T-Pain's "Up Down". Talk about that and what it means to you. 

JAY LYRIQ: Yeah that was pretty cool. It was the first one I’ve physically gotten after all these years. I’ve been apart of a lot of records and for some reason have never gotten my plaques weird huh *laughs*. This one was special because a record was needed. They had been trying for two years prior to me being called in. I was happy I could deliver and get my credit. Even though it was years ago and I just received the plaque a couple weeks ago it’s still pretty cool. Thank you to everyone who helped me get it done!

TERRANCE: What would you say has been the greatest lesson learned so far?

JAY LYRIQ: Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your vision as much as you if not more. You will at times need a push. Make sure the push you are getting is from people who genuinely care about you.

TERRANCE: When you're not working musically, what's most fulfilling to you?

JAY LYRIQ: Spending time with my family and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

TERRANCE: What else can we expect from you moving forward?

JAY LYRIQ: New Music, EP coming soon and TV. Be on the lookout for a cameo or two *laughs*.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with your fans, followers and the readers?

JAY LYRIQ: I’d like to thank you all for the continued support over the years and to my new fans thank you for coming to see about me. I’m gonna do my best to give you the content you want and deserve. Follow me on my journey!

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