Monday, August 21, 2017

Karyn White to Release New Album & Film 'Gale & The Storm'

R&B Legend Karyn White is back with new music!

From the motion picture soundtrack “Gale & The Storm” which also features Anthony AK King, Joe Leavy, Jay King, OWhitty and J.White.

The whole album flows like a classy, smooth set of soulful perfection and then takes off into some high power funk that Marvin Gaye, Al Green & James Brown would be so proud of.

Gale Storm was at the height of her career as lead singer of the world renowned band “Eclipse.” Julian, the band leader and Gale‘s long time lover decided to make what he called “relevant” changes to the group which sent Gale over the edge. As a result she walked away from the music industry.

7 years later while celebrating her girlfriend’s birthday, Gale is persuaded to sing one of group’s popular hit songs. Mesmerized by Gale’s magical voice, Hannibal Shabazz, who was once a successful music producer sets his eyes on working with Gale and tries to convince her to sing again. This feel good movie takes you on a journey of the heart. Where determination can lead you anywhere.

The soundtrack will be available September 4th via Karyn White Entertainment.

Gale And The Storm Teaser Trailer Feature Film

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