Friday, December 15, 2017

An Interview with Miki Howard

Since her solo debut album Come Share My Love, Grammy nominated powerhouse vocalist Miki Howard has been dominating the R&B charts with hits such as “Ain’t Nobody Like You”, “Love Under New Management”, “Ain’t Nuthin’ in the World”, “That’s What Love Is”, “Baby, Be Mine”, “Come Share My Love” to name a few. In our interview Miki Howard discuss life, music, reflect on her career and much more...

Terrance: Bring me to date with what’s been going on and what you’re working on.

Miki Howard: Oh man I’m doing concerts and enjoying my life and my grandchildren and having a good time. I’m just glad to be here and expect whatever happens.

Terrance: This year marked the 30th anniversary of your sophomore album Love Confessions. What was that like to get a second chance because not many get the opportunity.

Miki Howard: Well, you know in those days things were different and I was fortunate and I’m still fortunate and I never expected to have one record. You just be your best and as long as you’re loving what you’re doing and putting your heart into it, you leave it where it is. I was just grateful people accepted and loved it.

Terrance: Stephanie Mills recently made a statement about people wanting R&B but not from us. What’s your take on that?

Miki Howard: People can get it from wherever they want to get it, but I think we never do get the exposure and that’s unfortunate and in trying to make sure we’re all blending in and loving each other regardless of color and everything then there are going to be some sacrifices, you know?

Terrance: Talk about a career highlight that stands out to you.

Miki Howard: Wow, everyday it changes. I mean, I’ve had some wonderful times. I’ve gotten a NAACP Award which was a thrill to me because my mother was such a champion for civil rights. Then I got an Image Award and a Soul Train Award which was exciting. I just had a lot of great times and moments that meant alot to me. The highlight of my career is yet to come I feel.

Terrance: Other artists covering your songs. Your thoughts?

Miki Howard: I get excited. I love to hear other people’s take on music. I grew up in a time when everybody sang everybody’s song, so yeah that’s what you want. You want people to sing your song.

Terrance: Who are some artists you’re currently listening to?

Miki Howard: Man I love so many people. Of course I love Fantasia, India.Arie and I got my “Bodak Yellow” on (laughs). I just wish we had a little more diversity where everybody isn’t wearing a leotard. We’re not in the Olympics.

Terrance: And to wrap it up is there anything additional you would like to leave with the readers?

Miki Howard: I just think everybody should live their own life and create your own wealth. Find and love God and keep it moving.

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