Monday, February 3, 2020

Kevin Ross Interview: New EP "Audacity Vol. 1", Transition from Major Label to Creating His Own

Singer, songwriter and producer KEVIN ROSS has written for some of R&B's Heavyweights such as Toni Braxton, Trey Songz, SWV, Johnny Gill, Jamie Foxx to name a few, before eventually releasing his 2017 critically-acclaimed Motown debut, The Awakening. The Washington D.C. native returns to a state of independence with his new project, Audacity Vol. 1 out now via his own label Art Society Music Group on all digital music streaming services. 

The project includes the lead single "Thing Called Love"

TERRANCE: You recently honored the Legendary Joni Mitchell at the 35th Annual NAMM TEC Awards. What was that experience like?

KEVIN ROSS: I really enjoyed myself as far as paying tribute to Joni Mitchell. I've been living with her music for a long time. She's one of the many female artists that I love and enjoy. I always say her name in interviews as far as people that I look up to, that I enjoy and inspired by. So to actually meet her filled my spirit and it felt really great. I was really, really humbled man and it showed me that God moves things in really great ways and really bring things around full circle for your life. It definitely meant a lot to me.

TERRANCE: Talk about your transition from Motown with your debut album, The Awakening, to now forming your own label Art Society Music Group with your new EP, Audacity Vol. 1

KEVIN ROSS: I decided that I wanted to leave my major label and just like any kind of relationship, when one person is caught off guard, it takes a little longer for you to get out of that because you got to put your ego to the side in respect of the other party's feelings and emotions and how they want to go about their careers. It took them a minute, but they did a lot for me to leave and go into my own endeavor and start my own company. Once I created the company, I went on to find distribution and I got a lot of no's and a lot of, I don't know about this and the relevancy and potency of what I can bring to the table as an artist and as a brand. I just think with my spirit and my audacity and tenacity, I was fortunate enough to find a distribution company.

TERRANCE: What has been the biggest lesson learned transitioning from songwriter to singer?

KEVIN ROSS: The biggest lesson of that transition was knowing your worth and listening to God and your instincts. I've always been an artist at heart and it took some time for me to truly believe that what I had to offer was something of value. Every artist have their journey and that was mine as far as finding that. I enjoy doing both. I enjoy being a writer and I enjoy being an artist, but of course, if I had to pick one, artistry would win.

TERRANCE: Have you ever written a song for another artist you had wished you kept for yourself?

KEVIN ROSS: I think "What's Best for You", that I wrote for Trey Songz. I think I would've kept that record for me, but it actually worked out for him because it was my first number one on Urban AC as a writer and we got a number one with "Touchin, Lovin" on Urban Rhythmic, so it worked out (Laughs).

TERRANCE: What do you hope listeners take away from the Audacity Vol. 1 experience?

KEVIN ROSS: Honestly, I want them to take away the fact that I'm an artist that delivers good music that will create a relationship of consistency. No matter how long between records, they can always count on me to have consistent records and to create great memories off of the songs that I share within the marketplace. I'm just carving out my own space. I have a desire to where I know I wanna go and what I wanna be to my generation and now I have to put forth the effort to truly manifest that and make sure that whatever is in my mind is very clear for my age bracket. So yeah, stream it, purchase it, talk about it, vibe with it and play it over and over and hopefully people get to look inside themselves more when they listen to the project.

TERRANCE: Can we expect a tour in the near future in support of the project?

KEVIN ROSS: The Audacity Tour will begin April 2020 for Vol. 1 and the tour will be treated as such. You'll have a Vol. 1 tour, you'll have a Vol. 2 tour and then a full body of work tour.


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