Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Toni Braxton Scores 20th Top 10 Billboard Adult R&B hit "Gotta Move On" ft. H.E.R.

This week Grammy Award-winning Superstar Toni Braxton scored her 20th overall Top 10 Billboard Adult R&B hit (9 reached No. 1) in her illustrious career with her latest single "Gotta Move On" (at No. 10), which features background and Guitar assistance from multi-talented Singer, songwriter and musician H.E.R.

The track appears on Braxton's 10th overall album Spell My Name, which includes the No. 1 Billboard Adult R&B hit "Do It" & "Dance".

Braxton also collaborated with Kem on the top 5 "Live Out Your Love".

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  1. This album just isn’t doing it for me. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of her debut, Secrets, More than a Woman, Libra, and Pulse. I liked Sex and Cigarettes because it was different for Toni. I didn’t think her future albums would go in the same direction and abandon her original sound. I always support, but doesn’t mean I have put the album on repeat.