Saturday, January 16, 2021

New Music: Stokley - "Cascade" (featuring The Bonfyre)

Grammy nominated R&B Singer, songwriter and musician
Stokley has released his latest upbeat track "Cascade" which features breakout artist The Bonfyre.

"Cascade" follows after Stokley's previous singles "Vibrant" ft. Snoop Dogg and his Billboard Adult R&B chart-topper "She..." and will appear on his upcoming sophomore album Sankofa via Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis's Perspective label and his imprint Bluraffe.

About the song, Stokley adds:

This Cascade has a feeling, like the 80s. It’s about getting back to that sweet spot, in love and relationships. It’s like when you’ve lost it, someone has said some things that they didn’t really mean. You have to go back and look at everything and be like, you know what? Let’s just get back to this part…I don’t know how it got so off track. It’s just about letting that love flow, and that can be in anyway. It doesn’t have to be in a love relationship, it can be in any way that you think about it. It’s my offering to you, but you can interpret it anyway you want.

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