Thursday, December 9, 2021

Jodeci Reunites + Signs With P Music Group Management

The Legendary Jodeci (Cedric & Joel Hailey and Donald & Dalvin DeGrate) has announced that they've reunited as a group and signed a new management deal through P Music Group.

During the 90's the group was known for their sexy smooth harmonies and No. 1 hits such as "Forever My Lady", "Stay", "Come and Talk to Me", "Cry for You" & "Freek'n You".

In a statement P Music Group's founder/CEO Michael Paran says:

During the pandemic, the guys started reaching out to each other and began talking about reuniting. They’re ready to build something new, done the right way without continuing the missteps of the past. I want to be long-term with them and help them show the world that they’re back to begin a whole new era.

I’m excited for Jodeci to join P Music Group with Michael managing us. We’ve come a long way. It’s a blessing to be back together and give our fans what they’ve been asking for.” -K-Ci Hailey

Michael is a a man with a plan, a vision and a mission. We’re looking forward to a great partnership.” -Mr. Dalvin

Since their multi-platinum 1991 debut album Forever My Lady, Jodeci has released three subsequent albums: Diary of a Mad Band (1993), The Show, the After Party, the Hotel (1995) & The Past, The Present, The Future (2015).

P Music Group Management also represents Charlie Wilson, Johnny Gill & K-Ci Hailey.

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