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Maurette Brown Clark talks New Project “He Loves Me” (Exclusive Interview)

Multi Stellar Award winning Singer, Songwriter and Producer Maurette Brown Clark returns to music with her latest 8-track project He Loves Me available on all streaming and digital music platforms via her label Nettie’s Child Music in partnership with MNRK.

With four previous releases to her credit How I Feel (1998), By His Grace (2002), The Dream (2007) and The Sound of Victory (2011), He Loves Me is described as one of Maurette’s most personal projects to date.

The He Loves Me project was first introduced to fans and music lovers abroad with the release of the Billboard Top 20 Gospel Song in the Country, “I See Good”.

TERRANCE: First, congratulations on the release of your new project He Loves Me.


TERRANCE: How are you feeling about it right now?

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: I’m excited, you know? God is still doing great things with ordinary people, so I’m blessed that he continues to choose me, like we were saying earlier, to spread the good news, and so I’m so grateful for that opportunity to do that.

TERRANCE: What prompted or inspired you to record and release this particular project?

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: You know, it’s been a minute since I’ve released a full project. I dare say it’s been that long. It’s been over ten years since I’ve done a solo project. I’ve done some singles in that time period, but not a full project, so I think that once I got through some injury issues that I had to deal with and then the pandemic came and I give all glory to God that I survived it, but I just had some really good friends who said, the world still wants to hear from you and hear your voice. I just had different people from different age groups from young people to middle-aged people to older people and they were like, where is your music? Are you recording? Maybe one or two people said, you can kinda brush it off, but it just felt like everyone was asking and I just had some really good friends to push me to making this happen and I’m just really grateful for that.

TERRANCE: One of the highlights on the project is “Angels”.

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: “Angels” is a remake of the original song I recorded 20+ years ago with THE maestro Richard Smallwood & Vision. I was blessed to sing one of the leads on that song and years later I was inspired to sing it again. Not to record a better version, but again, it was one of those songs that I pulled out during the pandemic to encourage myself as I watched God literally dispatch angels of protection around myself and my family.

TERRANCE: You recently released a video for the single “I See Good”. Talk about that song.

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: “I See Good” was the first song released as a single on the project and written from the hand of Anthony Brown of Grammy nominated, Stellar and Dove Award winning Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy and he’s like the closest thing to a son to me that I didn’t have to birth [laughs]. He plays the pen and paper once again for me. He wrote “Sovereign God” for me. He wrote “I Hear the Sound (of Victory)” for me. He’s written “It Ain’t Over (Till God Says It’s Over)”. So I couldn’t do a record without asking him for something. It’s just that positive, encouraging song that says, Every time I look your way, I see Good. Even when things aren’t going the way they should or even the way you thought they would. Just know that God is still working and he sees the good for you.

TERRANCE: What inspired the title-track “He Loves Me”?

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: My co-writer Will Vick was playing the chords in Church one day and I started writing to them right in service. The chorus came first and then the verses. This is actually one of my first steps back into active songwriting and how appropriate that it would be the message that I always knew - God loves me. He loves me. That he would send his son for me. That he would give his life for me. That he would do that before I was formed in my mother’s womb. That he knew that I would need a Savior. That no matter what I’ve done or will do, that he would still sacrifice for me. So it felt good for the project and it feels good that it is the title track.

TERRANCE: Overall what do you hope listeners take away from the He Loves Me experience?

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: I hope that they hear my heart. I hope that they are convinced by something that I say whether they’re newer songs or old songs. I hope that people can hear my heart past the production which is wonderful. Shout out to my producer Kenneth Shelton. Shout out to my vocal producer Anthony Brown. Shout outs to all my great musicians, singers and everybody that brought their A-Game to the table. But I hope that you hear our hearts on this record and it touches and encourages you and that’s always been my prayer. This is my fifth project in 25 years. I can’t believe I have the awesome opportunity to do this as long, knowing that people use my music for some of the best of times and some of the worst of times in their lives and so I’m just Grateful that this is another offering for that purpose.

TERRANCE: Any final words you would like to share with your longtime fans, followers and listeners?

MAURETTE BROWN CLARK: Yeah, I just want to let you know, the Bible says, For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but they will have everlasting life. I won’t get into an argument about your belief systems, I know this works for me. Having a Hope in a Savior. We look around the world and see what’s going on, it’s very easy to lose hope. But I have hope that even after this life, I be able to live a life of eternity to enjoy with the savior that gave his life for me. If you’re looking for something. If you’re looking for a savior. If you’re looking for hope, joy and peace, please consider giving your life to Jesus Christ. No matter what you are, no matter what you’ve done or what your walk of life is, I encourage you to do that and just know that he loves you.

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