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Exclusive: Keke Wyatt's "Certified" Album Track-by-Track Interview

Acclaimed R&B singer-songwriter, actress, TV and social media personality Keke Wyatt first came to national attention as a teenager when "My First Love", her duet with Avant hit the Top 10 in 2000. As a result, she was signed to Geffen Records, and at age 18 scored a platinum-selling debut album featuring “Nothing In This World,” another hit duet with Avant. The duo was also featured on the soundtrack of the film Barbershop 2. In 2010, she released a new album, Who Knew? on Shanachie Entertainment, which featured the Top 30 Urban AC title track single. Keke’s second album on Shanachie, Unbelievable, spawned a single duet with American Idol winner Ruben Studdard.  Keke then attained a featured role on the TV One reality show R&B Divas: Atlanta, which ran for four seasons. Subsequently, she and her then-husband appeared along with other celebrity couples in the WE TV series Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Launching her own label, Keke released an EP and two albums, one of original material and one of known songs entitled Keke Covers. Her soulful version of country star Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey” from the latter album garnered over 10 million views on YouTube. Keke also had a role as a minister’s wife in the Bounce TV series Saints & Sinners and starred in the stage play Preacher's Kid Resurrection alongside Angie Stone. More recently, fans have enjoyed following Keke in the WE TV reality series Keke Wyatt’s World where she gave a glimpse to viewers on how she balances motherhood, career, and stardom. With the release of Certified, Keke now has the time and space to devote to the long-anticipated new album her fans have been waiting for.

01 MY EX

“My Ex” is basically trying to tell who I was with at the time, like, please understand, what you’re doing is no better than my ex. I could’ve just stayed with him if you ain’t gonna do no better. I could’ve just stayed where I was.


“Somebody” is just basically telling the person, you better be careful what you say to me and do to me, because it’ll come back on you. Let’s get it together and if you can’t get it together, then karma is out there.

03 SHE

“She” is referring to my lady spot. My special spot. My low-low spot. I call her “she”. The song is about her and what she wants and what she likes. She’s a very powerful girl. She’s got her head on straight and got her mind made up and she’s a boss lady. She knows what she wants.


As women, we’re in relationships, sometimes it feels like the man thinks we can just do everything. It’s like, honey, okay I get it, but I can’t just turn water into wine. I’m not Jesus. I can’t create all of these miracles you think I can create. I’m like honey, give me some grace here.


Yeah, that one is probably going to hit a whole lot of women because I know in my situation, all he wanted to do was play video games all day and I’m like, honey I’m right here. Come to bed. What are you doing? It gets so frustrating for women. I know for me. Like, you’re a grown man. Why am I having to tell you to come to bed because you’re on your video game? I will pick that thing up and bust it. You’ll be surprised at how many women are going through that with grown men.


That was just a song that I’ve always loved and hoped I could get that love one day.


“Scared” is basically like, I’m getting to a point in my life and in my relationship where it’s scaring me at the fact that I can lay in the bed and go to sleep by myself. It’s scaring me like, I ain’t worrying about what you’re doing. I’m scared that I’m finding I can actually live without you, and you don’t even know that I’m discovering this.


Oh, cause honey, I’m certified.


That’s a lil’ fun song because I just love the 50’s style stuff. The song is just talking about relationships again. Y’all gotta listen to it.


“Deliver Me” is just a song of me in my vulnerable state and letting people know, like, yo’ I’m gonna be honest about how I feel, and I know that I did not pave the way for me, somebody else paved the way for me and I’m grateful for that and I’m letting y’all know I’m being honest about it. I’m original but not really original. We’re all remakes of somebody and it all started with Adam and Eve.

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