Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tay Beckham Interview

My interview with The Voice alum, Tay Beckham. Tay Beckham is ready to launch her solo career with her debut EP “Love Hard” and debut music video “Excuses,” which exclusively premiered on Yahoo Music recently. The Voice fans remember in season 4 how Tay, only 17 years-old at the time, wowed the crowd and the judges with her passionate rendition of “I’m Goin' Down” by Mary J. Blige. Impressed by Tay’s raw talent and soulful vocals, R&B legend and multiple Grammy winner Usher successfully fought to beat out sassy singer/songwriter Shakira to win the young star for his team.
Tay’s debut EP “Love Hard” is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Fans can also hear the hit song on Spotify and Vevo. Here is Tay Beckham...
Terrance - Hey Tay Beckham, how are you?
Tay Beckham - I am well! Thanks so much for having me.
Terrance - Tell us about your debut EP, Love Hard and what you would like to achieve with this release?
Tay Beckham - Well, sound wise it’s a Pop/R&B record with a little 90s throwback flavor. This is the most honest record. Ever. I co-wrote most of the EP out of true life experience. It’s all about every kind of love, may that be self love and confidence, kindness, and/or relational. I just want to get the word out that the most important person to take care of in this life is you. Every emotion you exude comes from your heart, so it is everything to make sure that your own heart is always okay. That’s when you are most capable of giving other’s the love that they also truly deserve.
Terrance - You’re the first artist signed to Heavyweights Entertainment developed by Jamie Jones from the group All-4-One and The Heavyweights. How did that come about?
Tay Beckham - I love our story! It’s all about perfect timing. I met The Heavyweights through mutual friends and business relations about 2 years before we started working on the Love Hard EP. I sang one of their songs when I was 15 years old and fell in love with their work flow and creativity. They’ve always had a way of
knowing exactly what I want right off the bat. Then, some years later after The Voice, one of my producers, Matt Wong, goes, “Hey, would you be interested in partnering with these guys called The Heavyweights?” I said, “Say no more.” I guess it was a Jesus thing. I still love that song I sang forever ago!
Terrance - What was the inspiration behind your first single and video “Excuses”?
Tay Beckham - Excuses is a peek into my history. It’s inspired by a part of my life when I was in a relationship that wasn’t supposed to go on. I didn’t feel like I was receiving nearly what I was giving. Compromise was a one way street.. That isn’t at all to say that love is all about what you get out of it. It’s give and take, balance and understanding; selflessly loving relentlessly. That just wasn’t the case for us. No matter what angle I looked at it, I was always underwater. The video portrays it beautifully! It also factors in that 90’s R&B vibe goodness. The scene of me trying to get the boy to hear me while he sits right in front of me definitely speaks the loudest for me. So thankful for everyone on that project!
Terrance - What’s the feeling like to finally get your songs out there and perform and impact the lives of people through your music?
Tay Beckham - Surreal! I still can’t even believe it. People will come up to me and say they love a song from the EP, and I’ll be like, “How do you know about that?! Oh right…” It’s been such a long but truly amazing time coming. Worth every bit of the wait! I hope I’m helping someone out there realize how seriously worthy of love they are.
Terrance - Who influenced your sound the most?
Tay Beckham - I grew up listening to Alicia Keys and Usher, so I always know I wanted a piano based, soulful sound. Then once I
started writing my own music, it got funkier and the time signatures got weird and I discovered everything I had missed in the 90s. So all I listed to after that was Brandy and Maxwell. Then I would take things from folk bands or electronic music. What 15 year old writes music in 7/4? I was an odd duck, but I was definitely my own.
Terrance - Do you strongly believe songwriting is just as important as singing?
Tay Beckham - Absolutely! That’s the whole message. Not believing what you are singing would be like sending a love letter to a complete stranger. How you say things and why is so important, and when those things come from you..forget it. But don’t get me wrong, as long as you are passionate, you could sing a diner menu and make someone cry. Both elements are equally valuable.
Terrance - If you weren’t an artist, what would you be doing?
Tay Beckham - I would probably be in Cirque Du Soleil. No joke. Those guys are awesome. But on a serious note, I’d have to say something involving fashion or hair and make up. I’m obsessed with dressing people up and spontaneous hair cuts.
Terrance - You performed “I’m Goin Down” on Season 4 for The Voice and wowed Shakira and Usher and
the audience. What was that like?
Tay Beckham - Again, surreal. I don’t know much else to say about that. To this day, that experience feels like a dream.
Terrance - In a world where so many want to be teenyboppers and follow the trends, what makes you different?
Tay Beckham - I don’t care! Secret - I can’t read music. I just play things that sound cool and that speak to me. I haven’t taken
vocal lessons because strange can be SO GOOD! I mix urban with bohemian fashion. I get excited about animated movies and love The Carpenters. I am having fun, I have a lot to say, and I hope I can maybe say it a little differently.
Terrance - If you could perform with one Legend/Iconic figure dead or alive who would it be?
Tay Beckham - Michael Jackson. Nothing else can really compare.
Terrance - Even though you were voted off of The Voice, how did you turn a negative into something positive and what did you learn from it?
Tay Beckham - Getting voted off wasn’t a negative for me. What if I never worked with The Heavyweights because I was still on the show? The Voice was only amazing. In just that short amount of time, I learned who I am as an artist and as Tay. I’m so grateful for that experience and exactly how it turned out.
Terrance - What advice would you give to any other young upcoming artist wanting to break into music?
Tay Beckham - Be yourself! If you don’t know who that is yet, it’s okay. Enjoy finding out. But the more you know about who you are, the more you will know how to speak and relate to others through your art, and your art will be a 100% reflection of you.
Terrance - Where can people connect with you in social media?
Tay Beckham - All of my social media is @TayBeckham! Tweet me, tag me on Instagram, post on my Facebook. I love talking to my fans. I couldn’t do this gig without out you all!
Terrance - Thank you so much for your time Tay Beckham and we look forward to what’s in store for you next.
Tay Beckham - Thank you so much for having me!

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