Monday, February 15, 2016

Kyle Dion Interview

My interview with 21 year old rising artist, Kyle Dion! It’s been about a year since Kyle Dion delivered his debut mixtape, Sixes and Sevens, and now he’s back with an EP called, Painting Sounds (purchase here: Check out his latest single Get You Alone: The singer has mastered the concept of audial art as the title suggests.

Terrance - Your EP titled Painting Sounds is available now. How did you come up with the title? 
Kyle Dion - I knew I wanted to do a project that would give off completely different vibes through each track and I thought to myself, Every color stands alone and gives off a different vibe and makes you feel a certain way. With that in mind, "Painting Sounds."

Terrance - Tell us about the lead single “Another Life”. Was it written from a personal experience or the experience of someone else?

Kyle Dion - Personal and just every person Ive come in contact with as a young adult. You just see all different kinds of people and lives and how everyone lives those lives and you can relate. Sometimes we feel like "Fuck everything, life is so hard, my life sucks." Sometimes we have everything we asked for yet we still have that emptiness inside, so our accomplishments are shadowed by an undercurrent of sadness with a non-fulfillment feeling. Then, sometimes you're great, happy where you are, happy with your growth, excited to grow more and learn, live. All different perspectives of this reality inspired the song.

Terrance - Your falsetto technique is utilized in the song “Get You Alone”. Creatively how did that song come together and what was it like?

Kyle Dion - My friend/producer, Dust, we've been doing this for a good couple of years now. He lives in Seoul Korea so we have sessions over facetime and create from scratch. He sends the track over and I write & lay the vocals and BAM...pretty smooth process really. The song basically came about through a personal experience I had. I wrote the song in an hour (the experience was pretty fresh, haha). On "Get You Alone" in particular, we also had SJ (also a producer) who is in Korea with Dust, lay the chords down.  They both have another track together with me on my last mixtape project, "Sixes & Sevens." They're a sick duo and I’m glad to have them apart of the team.

Terrance - If you could only pick one song from your EP to look out for or recommend what would it be?

Kyle Dion - "Your Soul" mostly because of the lyrics.

Terrance - What is it you would like listeners to take from their listening experience with Painting Sounds?

Kyle Dion - Im a storyteller, so just to sit back and have an escape from reality for 30 minutes and imagine the pictures I'm painting when listening.

Terrance - What’s one key quality that make an artist great?

Kyle Dion - There is only one...persistence.

Terrance - How would you best describe your overall sound?

Kyle Dion - R&B, Funk, Neo-Soul, Jazzy, Pop.

Terrance - If you could perform with any iconic artist who would it be and why?

Kyle Dion - Michael Jackson because...Michael Jackson.

Terrance - Who are some artists you’re currently listening to?

Kyle Dion - Im listening to a lot of cool artists right now that my project is finalized. I tend to not really listen to anyone when in the process of creating a full body of work but, Erykahs last tape is lovely; Goldlinkand I recently stumbled across Eryn Allen Kane...just loving all the new music I'm hearing, glad to be apart of this time in music.

Terrance - How can our readers get in touch with you in social media?

Kyle Dion - twitter, instagram, snapchat @iKyledion

Terrance - Any final words?

Kyle Dion - Go buy "Painting Sounds," I need an iPhone 6!

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