Friday, April 8, 2016

Elijah Bland Interview

My interview with multi-talented independent recording artist Elijah Bland.

Elijah Bland came on the scene with his national radio debut “Talk to Me” courtesy of the Michael Baisden Show and Award nominee song “Necessary”, back with his new single “The One”, Elijah Bland takes us on this journey of Faith and Love. /

Terrance - When did you know you were ready to share your gift with the world?

Elijah Bland - I’ve been blessed with many gifts.  I felt most ready to share my musical gifts with the world when I was writing and producing songs for other independent artists and felt compelled to tell my own story.  I was 23.

Terrance - Your new single and video “The One” is causing quite a buzz on social media. Talk about what inspired that song.

Elijah Bland - “The One” is a dual testimony of faith and love. It was originally written for an inspirational stage play. The character I portrayed during a powerful realization of purpose. On the surface, it’s a vow of commitment to the love of his life, but the ultimate source of that love is something greater than all of us.  Every lyric in this song applies both to God and to her.

Terrance - Can you share any details about your forthcoming album?

Elijah Bland - My goal for this album is to give listeners an experience they can feel and almost “see” through that feeling. It’s cinematic, in a sense.  

Terrance - A while ago you released your album, Soulcentric, looking back then to now how have you evolved musically in that short time?

Elijah Bland - Soulcentric is an exploratory body of work that has done a lot for my career as an independent artist. I’ve had a number of life-changing experiences since releasing that album. I’ve spent a lot of time learning and growing, not only as an artist, but more importantly as a man. I feel like I’m in a much better position to communicate what is on my heart and let my music tell a more vulnerable version of my story.  

Terrance - What’s the key quality that makes an artist great?

Elijah Bland - Authenticity. I don’t know of anyone truly great who has achieved greatness using someone else’s gifts.  

Terrance - Everyone have a different perception on how they define success how do you define it?

Elijah Bland - Success is a journey, in my opinion, of fulfilling one's divine purpose and feeling a sense of peace in doing so.

Terrance - What are your thoughts when people say R&B is dead?

Elijah Bland - I don’t even want to speak that thought into existence. I think what people mean is that the popular perception of the term “R&B” has changed. The entire music industry has changed - drastically!  That’s definitely something to consider, but I believe everything is cyclical and timeless music like real R&B will never die.  

Terrance - As a songwriter/musician are there any artists on your wishlist you would like to collaborate with?

Elijah Bland - Prince. Lalah Hathaway.

Terrance - Are there any ventures in entertainment outside of music you’d like to pursue that you haven’t yet?

Elijah Bland - I really enjoyed directing my music video for “The One”. I would love to direct more film projects.

Terrance - Live music is often ignored, especially local, so the question is how important is it that the public support it?

Elijah Bland - I believe it’s very important for the public to support live music, simply based on what music does for people. Good music is timeless and far more impactful than any tangible product. A great live performance creates memories that last a lifetime. To that point, however, I also feel that it’s equally important for us (artists) to give the public something worth supporting. People don’t leave their homes and spend their hard-earned money to “ support" just anything. They want an experience and we have the platform to give them exactly that.  

Terrance - What’s the one favorite attribute about performing in a live setting?

Elijah Bland - The freedom and newness of every single moment. There is nothing like knowing that each moment has the potential to be something that has never happened before, and something that may never happen again.  

Terrance - Tell us about any upcoming shows you have scheduled.   

Elijah Bland - April 16th at Adinkra House (Montclair, NJ)

Terrance - Are there any final words you would like to leave with the readers?

Elijah Bland - Whatever you do, do it with passion, purpose, faith and love.

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