Monday, May 9, 2016

Mylah Interview

My interview with Atlanta recording and performing artist Mylah to discuss her musical upbringing, views on the industry, her latest song “Single” and much more! Listen and purchase “Single” here: /

Terrance - Tell us about when you started singing and performing. Who were your earliest influences?

Mylah - I started performing at a very young age, with my sisters. I didn't start out singing, though. I loved to dance more! Singing was my THIRD favorite thing to do, because when I was younger, you couldn't tell me I wasn't going to be a rapper! That all changed when I heard Mary J Blige, though. Singing over hip hop beats? I was in. She's probably my earliest singing influence.

Terrance - Who are some artists you’re currently feeling?

Mylah - Currently (and generally), I'm into artists who aren't exactly mainstream yet. I'm a fan of my friends/peers. I love Ro James, who has been my friend for some time, and I'm happy to see him finally getting his due shine. I like India Shawn a lot. Of course Rihanna. Chris Brown...Kendrick Lamar, Jay.

Terrance - What are your thoughts on R&B and Soul music and where it’s going in 2016?

Mylah - I think that R&B/Soul is only suffering because fans don't support it enough. I hear people say that no one is doing "real" music anymore (whatever THAT means!) but there are plenty of artists doing it. They're just either not supported or consumers may be unaware of them.

Terrance - Talk about your newest song “Single”. Was it written from a personal perspective? How did it come together?

Mylah - My new song "Single" was actually written by a very talented young lady by the name of Tytewriter. She's married, so the song definitely isn't personal to her! At the time when I recorded it, it wasn't personal to me, either. I just really liked it and knew that it was very relatable, so we recorded it. It just so happens that now it DOES apply. I think everyone has been in that frame of mind at some point in their lives!

Terrance - Is there an album or EP in the works? If so, can you share any details?

Mylah - I'm currently putting together my first full-length album! No more Eps smile emoticon but I will be putting new music up throughout Summer '16 on Soundcloud while I'm finishing up the main project.

Terrance - How important do you think image and style is when it comes to the music you’re making as well as performing in general?

Mylah - Image...I guess it's important since we live in a very visually driven world. With social media being THE way, your look and image is pretty much your message. I don't necessarily take it too-too seriously because I guess my message is me being relatable. I don't try and portray this fake, overly done image, because it's not who I am in real life. And we already have enough of that floating around. I'd like to think I'm a great alternative to that.

Terrance - What would you say is the toughest part about navigating as a self-contained artist?

Mylah - I guess the toughest part about being a self-contained artist would be that it's a never-ending hustle. I don't think it's "tough," but I think most people would think so. I enjoy being in charge of how things move when it comes to MY life!

Terrance - In an era where social media is pretty much driving the industry do you think being signed to a major label is necessary?

Mylah - I definitely don't think you need to be signed to a major to be successful! It helps as far as the reach that they have to promote you and get your name/music out there, but it isn't a NEED.

Terrance - Performing live is obviously a key factor in who you are how do you prepare prior to?

Mylah - I prepare for performances by making sure I've got whisky nearby! LOL. Really, I've been doing this for so long, it's second nature at this point. I just try and make sure I remember the words to the songs I'm singing on that particular night.

Terrance - One male artist who would be your ultimate duet partner and why.

Mylah - I'd love to do a duet with Chris Brown because 1 - he's dope and 2 - he's pretty much got the midas touch! Drake for the same reasons. Ro James is on that list as well.

Terrance - Tell us about The Revival R&B Showcase here in Atlanta. Why was it created and the goal you would like to achieve with it.

Mylah - The Revival was created simply to give another platform to indie/up-and-coming artists here in Atlanta. I wanted it to SOUND good (as opposed to just looking good...I think that's a problem here), have a certain cool factor to it (a lot of live shows here skew older or are hip hop) and to rejuvenate the R&B scene here! Come on...Atlanta was the home of LaFace Records! The talent is here, it just needs to be seen as much as possible! I just wanted to do my part to help the culture. My goal is to grow it into an Atlanta staple and for it to be a very valuable part of the Atlanta music scene.

Terrance - Are there any aspirations in Entertainment outside of music?

Mylah - Music is pretty much all I love to do, but I'd love to transition out of being an artist and more of a mentor/coach to younger talents. I feel like I could help some people avoid certain pitfalls due to by experience and years put into it. IN THE FUTURE though...not right now.

Terrance - Where can our readers find you in social media?

Mylah - I'm on IG/FB/Snapchat/Tumblr all as @MylahMusic. My website it They can also keep up with The Revival on IG at @TheRevivalATL

Terrance - Can you share any upcoming performances you have planned?

Mylah - I'll be at The Rose Bowl here in Atlanta on May 28th for Memorial Day Weekend! Check out my social media for details!

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  1. During segment on When We Speak TV, Mylah says "Just Do It is the motto of LIFE"