Thursday, May 19, 2016

VEDO Interview

My interview with Breakout artist VEDO from NBC’s The Voice (Season 4). Vedo is ready to launch his solo career with his debut EP, State of Mind, which includes his new single and video “In My Feelings”. /

Terrance - Born and raised in Michigan tell us how much of an impact your home state have on your overall sound.

Vedo - Where I'm from has a major impact on my sound because I sing with pain, passion and struggle. I had a rough childhood but it taught me to be strong.

Terrance - How does VEDO stand out amongst the other artists on the music market?

Vedo - I'm more than just a singer, I'm a writer and dancer. I'm an all around entertainer. I'm bringing back that real singing that the game is missing but it's still young and fresh.

Terrance - You were a contestant on season 4 of The Voice but was eliminated how did you turn that elimination into something positive and prosperous?  

Vedo - Once I was eliminated I came back to ATL and hit the ground running. I started putting more music out, doing more YouTube covers etc I didn't win but I still have a strong relationship with Usher. So I didn't win but I "Won".

Terrance - Speaking Usher what’s the greatest piece of advice given from him or any judge on the show?

Vedo - Just trust yourself when you’re on stage singing. When you’re on stage don't think, you already got it. Just do it. Don't think about hitting a note just hit Because when you tell yourself "I might not hit that note" almost all the time u mess it up.

Terrance - Fast forward in 2016 you have a new single and video out called “In My Feelings” tell us a little about this song and it’s backstory.

Vedo - I actually wrote "In My Feelings" in 2014 but it was a record that I fell in love with and my feelings about hadn't changed since the day I recorded it. That's how I knew it was a hit. "In My Feelings" is basically a song about me opening up to an Ex of mine, letting her know that I still want and think about her which is really hard for a lot of guys to do today because they look at that as lame or weak but I see it different. I'm gonna tell you how I feel and we can go from there.

Terrance - How did you come up with the title State of Mind for your newly released EP?

Vedo - It was fairly easy because the songs that I wrote were my actual state of mind at the time.

Terrance - Is there a particular stand out on the EP you would recommend?

Vedo - Probably "Touch You, Kiss You"

Terrance - Everyone have their definition of success. How do you define it?

Vedo - Success is happiness, stability; financially, mentally, spiritually and physically. I just want to be able to take care of my family.

Terrance - As an artist what do you think are the pros and cons of social media?

Vedo - Pros: you can blow up overnight, Cons: you can become fameless or famous for the wrong reasons. Also it's a great platform for indie artist to promote their music without having to sign your life away to a major label.

Terrance - Performing Live vs. Recording Studio?

Vedo - I love both it’s just that when singing Live if you mess up that's it, and with a studio you have unlimited chances. Me, I never do something in the studio that I wouldn't be able to do live.

Terrance - If you could perform with any iconic artist who would it be with and why?

Vedo - Michael Jackson because he's the epitome of musical success and is what we all strive to be like.

Terrance - Songwriting is one of your great attributes who are some artists on your list you would love to collaborate with or currently working with?

Vedo - I would love to collab with Stevie Wonder, Chris Brown, Usher, Beyonce and I've also written for major artists overseas.

Terrance - If music wasn’t your profession what would it be?

Vedo - I'd be just graduating from college with a degree in criminal justice.

Terrance - You’re also involved in several charities what are they and what sparked the interest to get involved?

Vedo - Right now I'm currently the ambassador for the Lung Cancer Alliance and my mothers passing back in 2013 due to lung cancer is what sparked it.

Terrance - The music video for “Classic” is nominated for the 5th annual Georgia Music Awards how excited are you about that?

Vedo - Yes I'm extremely excited although I was nominated the past 3 years. I’m always grateful to be nominated for anything.

Terrance - Is there anything you would like to leave with the readers not discussed?

Vedo - Follow me on all my social media @VedoTheSinger. Also get my EP "State of Mind" available everywhere.

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