Monday, February 19, 2018

New Music: Von B. & DL Wilson - She’s Unbelievable

VonB. was born in L.A. but raised in South Bend, In, where D.L. Wilson was born and raised. They were both part of a high school R&B singing group that made a name for themselves, on the local scene. Many years later in Florida, these singers/songwriters decided to get back together and become a DUO. Both still having that fire and passion for an art form that they saw fading, VonBandDLWilson wanted to reintroduce themselves and give the fans, as they describe, 'Real Good, Feel Good' Music! So with a collective effort, 'SHE'S UNBELIEVABLE' was written and recorded. Smooth vocals, tight harmonies and a Urban/Soulful vibe is what to expect from these indie artists! Their single is just the beginning! Stay tuned....

View the "She's Unbelievable" Video

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